To say that AMC's The Walking Dead has been a success is almost an understatement. Viewers have flocked to this show about a group of survivors trying to stay human in a zombie-ridden world, setting new ratings records every season. Today, an intriguing rumor suggests that the network may be considering a feature-length movie to close out the series.

We may be several years from the series finale, since the show is doing so well, but insiders suggest there have been rumblings about a theatrical ending to this sprawling horror story. It is worth noting that Robert Kirkman's graphic novel was originally pitched as a feature, before AMC turned it into one of the most successful cable shows of all time.

The idea of a movie to end a TV series has been bandied about before, with the 24 movie being the most recent example. As of now, we haven't heard when production may begin, if ever.

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The Walking Dead will return with Season 3 Sunday, October 14 on AMC.