Robert Kirkman, who created the graphic novel the hit AMC series The Walking Dead is based on, revealed that characters such as Tyrese and Michonne from the comic book could surface in Season 2. He gave Tyrese a 68 percent chance of showing up in the second season, and Michonne a 50 percent chance. Another fan-favorite character from the graphic novel, The Governor, will not appear in Season 2, although there is a 92 percent chance he will show up in Season 3. Here's what Robert Kirkman had to say about the development of Season 2.

"We are in the writers' room right now and trying to sketch out a season 2 plan. Anyone who knows how that process works knows that stuff changes day by day. We are in the massive brainstorming phase. We are talking it all out."
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Robert Kirkman also indicated he would love to see the return of Lennie James and Adrian Kali Turner as the father-son duo of Morgan and Duane Jones.

"Everyone would like it to be 100 percent because everyone loves Lennie James and we're just dying to get him back in the show as soon as possible, I think those odds are probably 65-35. He's such a great actor. We want them both back as soon as possible."

The Walking Dead's second season will debut on AMC sometime this October.