The Walking Dead is currently shooting Season 2 in the Atlanta, Georgia area, and while we've seen some advance peeks at the action, AMC is remaining rather tight-lipped about the new season's story arc. Executive producer/writer Frank Darabont, who has been gleefully stealth about not revealing too much, did add insight into two fan queries while attending the 37th Annual Saturn Awards ceremony in Burbank on Thursday night.

Frank Darabont was first asked if one of the most popular characters from the comic book, warrior woman Michonne, would finally be putting in an appearance this year. Here is what the man had to say.

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"When she [appears], she's gonna rock your world. I can officially tell you Michonne is coming in the third season."

When asked if he had an actress in mind for the role, Frank Darabont was quick and to the point.

"No. That's later."

The second burning question on most fans minds is: Will Stephen King write an episode? Frank Darabont doesn't quite now when this will happen, but he remains optimistic that Stephen King will actually collaborate on a script with his son, Joe Hill, as both are avid watchers of the series.

"I'm keeping my fingers crossed. It's just a matter of... They want to do it together. I'm proud to say that they're both addicted fans of the show. In fact, Stephen King started harassing me by email, because I sent him the first one as soon as we had a lab pressing a disc. Like a decent Blu-ray. Then he started harassing me for the next one. Because Joe would drive up from wherever he lives, because he lives an hour away, and they'd sit and watch it together. [Laughs.] He'd say, "C'mon, where's the next one?" "It's in the lab, Stephen. We're still mixing the sound. I'll get it to you. I promise."

While it doesn't have a concrete premiere date, The Walking Dead Season 2 will hit sometime this October, just in time for Halloween.