The Walking Dead Season 2 recently started production on June 6, with a premiere date set for sometime this October on AMC. Robert Kirkman, who created the comic book series this popular TV show is based on, recently spoke about what will be different in Season 2. While they are still shooting the series in the Atlanta area, it seems Season 2 will also focus on more rural areas.

Here's what Robert Kirkman had to say below.

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"Season 1 focused on Atlanta so much, and we got to see desolate Atlanta and how this stuff affects cities. And that was really cool, and a lot of cool visuals come from that. But rather than repeat ourselves we're going out into the woods. We're gonna see a lot of rural roads and open fields see how bad things are as you get away from the city centers. It's definitely different enough that Season 2 stands on its own and has its own thing. And a lot of that comes from Hershel's farm and seeing these characters. All I can say is it's gonna be great, and the casting on Season 2 is going to be as pitch-perfect as the casting on Season 1. I can't wait for everyone to meet Hershel."

Robert Kirkman wouldn't reveal who is playing Hershel, although he joked that Charlie Sheen used to be a candidate. He also talked about Jon Bernthal's character Shane, who actually is killed off fairly early in the comic book, although they are reluctant to get rid of the character now.

"It's hard thinking about killing any character. If they're good characters, there are always more scenes to write, but this is the nature of things: There are zombies around. People gots to die. And after getting to know Jon Bernthal and see his portrayal of Shane, it's not an easy decision. He's past his expiration date by comic book standards, but Shane is by no means rotten. I think he's remaining fresh for a while. We'll see."

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