The Walking Dead finally returns this weekend to close out Season 3 with eight new episodes in a row, starting with "The Suicide King". Later this year, The Walking Dead: The Complete Third Season will be available on Blu-ray and DVD for fans to experience the whole season again. Although we don't know when this set will debut, we do have a first look at a limited edition Blu-ray set that is unlike any Blu-ray packaging we've ever seen before. The packaging is modeled after the tanks filled with zombie heads that The Governor (David Morrissey) gazes at from time to time in Season 3. Fans who buy this set can actually add water to the case to watch five miniature zombie heads floating around, just like on the show! Take a look at the first images from this limited edition set, then read on for more details.

<strong><em>The Walking Dead</em></strong>: The Complete Third Season Limited Edition Blu-ray Packaging 1
<strong><em>The Walking Dead</em></strong>: The Complete Third Season Limited Edition Blu-ray Packaging 2

The release date, pricing details, and special features for this set has not been announced yet, but this set will surely have zombie fans lining up around the block to take this home. The packaging was designed by Todd McFarlane and his McFarlane Toys company. Here's what he had to say about his initial idea for this case.

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"AMC gave us the news that The Governor was going to be in Season 3 and was in all the scripts, but they didn't even know what he was going to look like yet! So we knew we wanted to do something that reflected that, and was cool and creepy at the same time."

He also talked about having the fans add their own water to get the full effect.

"We thought it would be fun for the consumer, after buying the case and taking it home, to get a little interactive, because we're not supplying the water! So you're going to have to fill up the tanks yourself, and we've got little hooks on the heads, so you can arrange them any way you see fit. You can hang them in a certain order, or you can just let them go to the ground and flop around. No one person's case has to be exactly like the others."

Todd McFarlane also added that he knows the mom's of America probably will not approve of his design.

"I'm sure every mom in America will not approve of this, nor will she run out and buy it! But once she gets out of the way, there will be tons of people that will enjoy it just for the good clean fun that it is."

Stay tuned for more details on this impressive set. The Walking Dead returns with the new episode "The Suicide King" Sunday, February 10 at 9 PM ET on AMC.