AMC's new hit series The Walking Dead ended its six-episode first-season run on Sunday night and, although Season 2 is still nearly a year away, a rumor about a new guest star blazed through the internet yesterday. Socyberty reported that Charlie Sheen was set to guest star as a zombie on the AMC show, although it seems that rumor has now been shot down.

E! Online reached out to AMC reps early this morning, and they said that the story was completely untrue. The original Socyberty story indicated that Charlie Sheen's publicist also represents The Walking Dead's Jeffrey DeMunn. Charlie Sheen is apparently a fan of the show and asked to guest star as a zombie in Season 2, which the producers allegedly agreed to.

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We reported last month that The Walking Dead was picked up for a 13-episode second season, although we also reported a week later that Season 2 wouldn't air until October 2011, so AMC could promote the show through its annual Fear Fest.

We'll be sure to keep you posted with any and all news regarding The Walking Dead as soon as we have more information.