New Funko Pop figures based on Adam Sandler as Bobby Boucher from The Waterboy are on the way, and you can almost hear the character's distinct voice after taking just one look at the photos. Starring Sandler in one of his most memorable roles of all time, The Waterboy was released in 1998 by director Frank Coraci and Buena Vista Pictures. As revealed by Funko on Instagram, Bobby is now getting immortalized in Funko Pop form, which will include two variants for fans of the movie to collect.

One of the Funko Pop figures for The Waterboy is of Bobby as he appears at the start of the movie when he is working as a waterboy for a college football team. With a cup of H2O in one hand, Bobby is also holding some extra cups and even brandishes a University of Louisiana pendant. This version will be widely available, while a variant will only be sold exclusively at Target. The variant features Bobby after he's drafted to play for the South Central Louisiana State University Mud Dogs, complete with a uniform, helmet, and, of course, a bucket of water. It might be hard to decide which of the two would be preferable to own, though big Funko collectors might want to be picking up both.

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Adam Sandler stars in The Waterboy as Bobby Boucher, a socially inept 30-something who lives with his mother and works as a waterboy. In addition to Sandler, the cast also includes Kathy Bates as Mama Boucher, Henry Winkler as Coach Klein, Fairuza Balk as Vicki Vallencourt, Paul "Big Show" Wight as Captain Insano, and Rob Schneider as the townie who utters the often-quoted phrase, "You can do it!" While The Waterboy was initially met with some criticism upon its release, which even included a Razzie nomination for Sandler for Worst Actor, the movie was a box office success and has since developed a bit of a cult following. Last year, there was a Waterboy Adidas collection released.

Over two decades past its release, The Waterboy remains one of Sandler's most popular comedy movies and it continues to get quoted often to this day. None of us who've seen the movie will ever forget how Bobby's mother refers to everything from "foosball" and Benjamin Franklin as "The Devil," nor could we forget the way Bobby sounds when he takes a sip of water and expresses, "Now that is high-quality H2O." Along with other classic Sandler comedies from the '90s like Happy Gilmore and Billy Madison, The Waterboy still holds up after all these years later and is just as entertaining as it always has been.

An exact release date for the Funko Pop figures based on The Waterboy wasn't revealed, as they are only listed as "coming soon." If you're a fan of the movie and you still don't want one or both of these awesome Pops, then there is clearly something wrong with your medulla oblongata. Hopefully, others based on Captain Insano and Bobby's mama will be coming in the future as well. This news comes to us from Funko.