It seems a classic 60s TV show is nearly ready to be remade. According to MTV Movies Blog, the Wayans are finishing up the third draft of their script for a remake of The Munsters.

"I'm almost ready. It's almost ready to be shot," Shawn Wayans said. "We had to finish this movie and now we're going through our third polish on The Munsters."

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Wayans also said that he and his brother Marlon will not be acting in the film and that this will be a modern-day reboot of the classic characters.

"If we do anything, maybe we'll do a cameo, but we're not gonna make The Munsters black all of a sudden," Wayans laughed. "They're gonna be green, white people just like they were in the TV show. Their characters are still who they were in the '50s. It's just in modern day."

We'll keep you posted on any developments surrounding this new film.