The Munsters: The Wayans bros. have given Herman, Lily, Grandpa, Marilyn and Eddie Munster a new lease on life. That’s right. According to the Hollywood Reporter: Marlon, Shawn and Keenen Ivory Wayans have just inked a deal with Universal Pictures to take that other 1960s television show about a family of friendly monsters and give it a post 2000 spin.

Before hitting the re-run circuit, "The Munsters" aired on CBS from 1964-66. The Wayans’ version will reportedly stay true to the original, but will place it in a contemporary setting.

Sources said the Wayans came up with their idea for a "Munsters" redo while in Canada filming their widely panned summer release White Chicks. Coincidentally, Universal’s Exec’s had been tossing around ideas for an update, so the brothers polished up their take and pitched it to the studio.

The deal calls for the three Wayans brothers to write the screenplay as well as produce along with Rick Alvarez. Though there is a possibility that Keenen Ivory Wayans will end up directing the project, said deal has been put on hold pending delivery of the finished script. Specific dollar figures were not disclosed, but sources described the Wayanses deal as quite lucrative.