Platinum Studios, Inc., an entertainment company that controls an international library of thousands of comic book characters which it adapts, produces and licenses for all forms of media, confirmed today they are now developing sold out comic book series The Weapon, to bring to the big screen. Scott Mitchell Rosenberg, CEO of Platinum Studios and producer of Cowboys & Aliens, will act as producer on the film. Platinum Studios stands today as one of the largest rights holders of exploitable comic book characters in the world, still independent of Hollywood studio ownership.

The Weapon is about a martial arts enthusiast, Tommy Zhou, that has discovered a means to create solid objects from light -- and invented a superhero persona to promote it, The Weapon! Not believing the legends his grandfather told him as a child, Zhou's inventions unsuspectingly make him the target of a millennia-old assassin cult that's convinced he's unlocked the ancient mystical techniques of the Order of Wu-Shi-'The Way of the Weapon.'

"We believe The Weapon will be an attractive project for both international film financers and Hollywood producers," says Scott Mitchell Rosenberg. "This property is one of those with enormous franchise potential."

The Weapon is written by New York Times bestselling author Fred Van Lente. Mr. Van Lente is also the bestselling author of "Marvel Zombies," "Incredible Hercules" (with Greg Pak), "Odd Is On Our Side" (with Dean R. Koontz), as well as the Cowboys & Aliens graphic novel in which the box office hit was based on.