There were a lot of interesting news bits coming out of Hollywood this week. Peter Jackson might be set to helm the film adaptation of a popular novel. And it looks like we won’t be seeing The Passion of the Christ on television at all. But a whole lot more than that went down in TinselTown this week. Let’s take a look, but first, let’s check out the box office numbers this weekend.


It looks like it was a close race for the box office crown this weekend. The week’s two new movies took the top two spots. Man on Fire took the top spot, grossing an estimated $23 million in its debut weekend. The Denzel Washington flick averaged a meaty $7,723 per theater this weekend. And 13 Going on 30 was right on Man on Fire’s heels in second place. The new Jennifer Garner flick took in an estimated $22 million on its opening weekend. The movie was in almost 500 more theaters than Man on Fire, but it could only muster a 2nd place finish. But since it was only a million dollars behind in the estimates, it might take the top spot when the actual figures are announced tomorrow. And this week marked the first week that The Passion of the Christ failed to make the top 10 at the box office. The Mel Gibson epic came in just shy of the top 10, at 11th place, grossing an estimated $2.1 million in its ninth weekend. Since there aren’t any religious holidays coming up, I think it’s a safe bet that we won’t be seeing The Passion of the Christ in the top 10 anymore…

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There were a couple of movie websites that were updated this week.{@@@[email protected]@@}{@@@[email protected]@@}First up is the official site for the new Will Ferrell comedy Anchorman. There isn’t a whole lot on the site, with a Flash intro that is basically the movie’s trailer. There might be more to the site, but my computer is being retarded, and I don’t really know for sure. But you can check out the site for yourself, and you can check out Anchorman in theaters on July 9th.

The only other site that went live this week is from Sleepover. There is a lot going on at the site, with a Flash intro with a little background on the story. And when you get in the main site there are links to “Girl Talk” “Guy Talk” “The 411” and you can view the trailer. There is also a link to a message board, with a video intro from one of the characters. It’s a pretty busy site, even though the movie looks like a standard chick flick. Sleepover opens in theaters on July 9th also.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of

And lastly we have the website for the new Harry Potter flick. This site has a neat little Flash intro, and once you’re in the site there is a bunch of stuff to look at. You can look at the Marauder’s Map, the Daily Prophet, the film’s trailer and there are links to a merchandise shop, message boards, games and you can sign up for the newsletter. This is a pretty good site that will give Potter fans plenty to keep them busy until the movie opens on June 6.


There were a few new trailers added to MovieWeb this week.

Bobby Jones – Stroke of Genius: First up is the golf flick Bobby Jones – Stroke of Genius. The trailer for the new Jim “Christ” Caviezel flick is pretty good. The movie tells the true story of the golfing legend who, apparently, founded the prestigious Augusta National Golf Club, where the Masters Tournament is held annually. The movie looks pretty good, and you can check it out in theaters next week, on April 30.

Stateside: Next up is Stateside, starring Jonathan Tucker, Rachel Leigh Cook and Val Kilmer. This looks like a pretty solid flick, with a very nice, diverse cast. I’m a huge fan of Val Kilmer, and Jonathan Tucker was wonderful in the indie flick 100 Girls. I’m not familiar with writer-director Reverge Anselmo, but it looks like the weird-named filmmaker has a hit here with Stateside. Look for this movie in limited release on May 21.

Wake: This weird-looking flick is up next. We don’t get a ton of information about the movie, only that there’s a party of some sort and people apparently die at this party. The trailer is filled with some praising testimonials, but with no attributions behind them. It could’ve been the producers praising their own film, for all I know. I don’t know what to make of this movie, but I guess we’ll all find out on May 28 when the movie opens in limited release.

Alone in the Dark: And last and most certainly least is the trailer for Alone in the Dark. I haven’t seen a trailer this dumb in quite awhile. First, I’ve never seen a trailer where they show us the title first. Weird… They give us no plot info in this teaser and all we see is this monster-thing kill a security guard. Anyway, it says at the end that this movie opens in the fall. This is not a surprise, since fall is usually the worst movie season of them all…


My pick for the best news of the week is the news of the wonderful Donnie Darko hitting the theaters again, and the directors cut coming out on DVD. I just loved Richard Kelly’s great/peculiar film that showed the wonderful range of Jake Gyllenhall and a very odd rabbit. The movie is slowly starting to become a cult classic now, and it will be very interesting to see how moviegoers will react to this movie hitting the theaters again. And I’ll definitely be picking up the directors cut on DVD, because I’m curious to see what they left out of the original movie. When movies get re-released like this, it’s usually just in a limited release, except if the movie was a blockbuster like the original Star Wars triolgy, which got a very wide re-release in 1997. But hopefully enough people respond to Donnie Darko so the whole country can get a chance to see this spectacular movie in the theaters.


Another easy pick this week, and that is the news that MGM is remaking Back to School. Ugh. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan of Cedric the Entertainer, who is tapped to star in this flick. But Back to School? He’s a really funny guy, but I can’t see him getting any laughs out of this material. But what’s even worse, is that this movie is being written by the scribes that brought us the duds, Serving Sara, I Spy and National Security. Look for some crappy dialogue and a cheesy storyline. The first movie wasn’t even that damn funny. Rodney Dangerfield was pretty good, but he had the whole movie on his shoulders, and everything besides Dangerfield was just dumb. I can see Cedric doing good here, but everything around him just falling apart. Lets just hope the movie itself falls apart, and Cedric finds some better material…


I brought back this category this week because it’s very unfortunate that Quentin Tarantino’s Vega Brothers flick won’t be happening anytime soon. I think this would be a wonderful film. I think that Vic Vega is Michael Madsen’s best role, and Vincent Vega is probably John Travolta’s best role as well. It would just be super-cool to see these two guys on screen together. But if QT says he doesn’t have a story worth writing, he won’t write it. That’s probably a good thing, because I don’t think anyone would want to see QT throw together a half-assed story. Lets hope he gets inspired to come up with a great story sometime in the near future, because I think this would be a great movie.