Another week in the books, and another slew of news, box office numbers, websites and trailers. So lets dive right in and take a look and the best and worst news items of the week with Notables.


"Elisha Cuthbert, Camilla Bell, Martin Donovan and Edie Falco join The Itty Bitty Titty Committee" - Monday, February 7

This is just hilarious. I can't believe this is actual movie title, and from what little info we have on the plot, I'm not quite sure how the title fits into this. Besides, Elisha Cuthbert assets don't look that itty bitty to me...This just sounds retarded. Worst News of the Week Nominee.

"Eva Longoria set to star in The Sentinel" - Monday, February 7

This sounds like an interesting project for the lovely Desperate Housewives star. She has a nice cast around her, with Michael Douglas, Kiefer Sutherland and Kim Bassinger attatched to this movie. Clark Johnson (S.W.A.T.) is a nice choice to helm this flick, but I'm very leery of George Nolfi handing the script. He wrote the dissapointing Ocean's 12, and his work with dialogue and plot was rather dreadful. Still, with the nice cast and director in place, this could be decent anyway. Best News of the Week.

"Another Predator movie coming?" - Tuesday, February 8

Some movies just can't rest on their laurels I guess...Sure, I enjoyed Predator, and I even liked Predator 2, but a 3rd one? With WWE's John Cena possibly playing the lead? Wow, how desparate are these guys? What's funny is they are trying to lure action helmer John McTiernan away from another sequel, The Thomas Crown Affair, another flick that doesn't need a sequel. Besides, the mammoth actor that played the title role, Kevin Peter Hall, died in 1991. Who are they going to get to play the predator? Shaquille O'Neal? Yao Ming? This is just a bad idea. Worst News of the Week Nominee.

"A Boogeyman sequel is coming" - Wednesday, February 9

Oh come on, people! This movie was about as retarded as they come, and I was shocked to see it as the #1 movie in America last week. Barry Watson can't act his way out of a paper bag, and Emily Deschanel doesn't have anywhere near the talent of her little sister, Zooey. The only sucess of this movie was its monumental failure in every possible aspect of cinema. I can't see a sequel being any better. Worst News of the Week Nominee.

"Paul Giamatti set to star in The Illusionist" - Thursday, February 10

Anything that the wonderful Giamatti signs on is always good news to me. He is one of the finest character actors out there, possibly ever, and I'm still salty that he was snubbed at the Oscars, yet again. After two amazing performances in American Splendor and Sideways, I'm wondering what this guy will have to do to finally get some credibility from Oscar. Anyway, this sounds like an interesting project for Giamatti, starring alongside Edward Norton Jr., and I'm sure we'll see another classic Giamatti performance. Best News of the Week Nominee.

"The Passion Recut coming to theaters March 11" - Thursday, February 10

The movie made $370 million, and that just wasn't good enough, eh? It was the third-highest grossing flick of the year, and they're cutting it to be more sensitive to the 9 or so people that didn't see it because it was too violent. Give me a frickin break, Mel! You say it's beneath your dignity to campaign for Best Picture, which wouldn't have worked anyway, but it isn't beneath your dignity to hack up your film and make even more money off it? You're a tool. Take some of that money you made and buy some frickin class, you ape. Worst News of the Week Nominee.


Moviegoers got their Hitch on this weekend, in a very big way. Will Smith's Hitch took the top spot at the box office, in convincing fashion. The flick earned an estimated $45.3 million in its opening weekend, taking the top spot away from Boogeyman, which took the 2nd spot this weekend with $10.8 million. Hitch capitalized on some strong reviews (72% on Rotten Tomatoes), and a hefty theater count (3,575) to score the third highest February opening in history, behind The Passion of the Christ and Hannibal. The dating comedy took in a whopping $12,671 per-screen average, and the $70 million flick looks to be well on its way to earning a profit.

The week's only other new flick in wide release didn't fare quite so well. Pooh's Heffalump Movie could only muster a 5th place finish in its debut weekend, earning just over $6 million. The kids flick only averaged $2,376 per screen, and the probability of this $20 million flick making a profit, seem to be about as slim as Pooh making an action movie next...


The Amityville Horror: (

This is a fairly simple site with some decent content to look at. After a quick little intro, we get to the main page where, on the right hand side, you get some background on the actual events that inspired the movie. Click on The Truth and you can read some of the actual police transcripts from Ronald DeFeo, the disturbed young man who killed his entire family because he said voices told him to do so. There are also arrest reports, news articles and death reports from the victims. Click on Photo Gallery for some production photos, Cast and Crew for a brief list of the main cast and crew members, Downloads for some desktops and AIM Icons. You can also watch the trailer and there is also a link to sign up for updates. This isn't a flashy site at all, but The Truth section is very interesting, and worth a peek. The Amityville Horror opens on April 15.

Cursed: (

Another worthless site here. All we get is a look at the probable one-sheet and the trailer. Other than that, there's nothing else to see here, folks.

Herbie: Fully Loaded: (

This is a nifty little site, with a few things to do here. First, if you're a fan of making random noises, you can click on the car on the main site, and you'll hear a bunch of car sounds like screeching tires and such. There is a photo gallery to look at, and some desktops for you to download. You can also read a brief synopsis in About the Film and you can watch a video in Go Behind the Scenes of Herbie. You can also send an e-Valentine here as well. Too bad you can't send one to the film's luscious star, Lindsey Lohan... This is a pretty decent site, with a bit of style and some cool content. Herbie: Fully Loaded opens on June 24.

The Jacket: (

There is a lot to do on this creepy site. Before you even enter the weird site, there is a lot to do on the first page. You can watch the trailer, look at a large photo gallery, read a synopsis, get bios on the cast and crew, read about the production, download some wallpapers and AIM Buddy icons, and sign on to the message boards. Click on Enter The Jacket and there is a whole new, very very weird site, where you click on pictures and all this creepy stuff happens. I'm not sure where it all leads to, but it's pretty cool, like the rest of the site. The Jacket opens on March 4.


Fighting Tommy Riley:

This looks like a Rocky knock-off, but they try to dispell that notion early in the trailer by cramming a bunch of awards and critic's praises at us. It does look fairly good though, with more drama than action with key performances from Eddie Jones newcomer J.P. Davis, who also wrote the movie. We'll have to wait until May 6 to find out if this holds a candle to the Rocky series or not.

Walk on Water:

This must be the knock-off week, because this one looks like a Grosse Pointe Blank, knock-off, only it's set in Germany instead of Michigan. This one is about a contract killer who's next target is a Nazi war criminal who has been hiding for 60 years. But, of course, morality rears its ugly head and the killer has some decisions to make. Not too original, but it still could be decent. Walk on Water opens on March 4.

A Lot Like Love:

Good Lord. This movie should be called A Lot Like Every Other Romantic Comedy You've Ever Seen in Your Life... This is filled with every cliche you can imagine, an unoriginal story, and even that nimrod Ashton Kutcher to boot. I am a fan of Amanda Peet, but even her presence in this stupid-looking movie can't come close to redeeming it. This should be a monunmental failure. A Lot Like Love opens on April 22.

Up and Down:

This Czech flick looks very very odd. This dark comedy revolves around a baby that some smugglers find and proceed to sell on the black market, as well as the couple that buys it, and the couple that is looking for it. I'm not really sure about this one, but if you're into these quirky flicks, this could be a winner for you. Up and Down is still looking for a release date.


There wasn't a whole lot of good news this week, but I'm going with Paul Giamatti's new turn for my Best News of the Week. He's turned in wonderful performances for years now, and it's nice to see him getting some acclaim for his work, even though the Academy keeps snubbing him. Here he's working with Edward Norton Jr., and that should be interesting to see how that dynamic plays out. It does kind of suck that he's playing second fiddle again here, but if he just keeps doing his thing, he'll be top-lining flicks again in no time.


There was a LOT of choices this week, but I'm going with the wretched news of a Boogeyman sequel for my Worst News of the Week. Sure, they did make a profit off this stupid movie after this weekend, but did you see the reviews for it? 14% "Fresh" on Rotten Tomatoes, folks. That's 7 positive reviews out of 51. I know it's early in the year, but this had to be the worst flick of the year, and a sure-fire Razzie favorite. I have no idea what they have in mind for a sequel, but hopefully the Boogeyman will snatch up those horrible writers of the first flick so we don't have to see this retarded sequel...

That's all for this week. Swing on by next week for more box office goodies, websites, trailers and, of course, the new Best and Worst News of the Week. Take care, folks, and always remember: if it looks like a good time, sounds like a good time and feels like a good probably isn't free.