It was another interesting week full of movie news. The filmmaker behind Donnie Darko gets some early shooting done on his new project. The Rock might be in for some Doom. And it looks like Sharon Stone might be crossing those famous legs one more time. A lot more went down in TinselTown this week, but first, lets take a look at the box office numbers for the weekend.


Not even a suave anchorman, a medieval king or a bunch of teenage girls could take down Spider-Man this weekend. Spider-Man 2 held on to the top spot in its second weekend, with an estimated gross of $46 million. The sequel dropped 47.8% from its debut weekend and the flick has now earned $257.2 million in its 12 days in the theaters. Unless the movie shows some incredible staying power, it seems unlikely that the sequel will reach or surpass the original’s $403.7 million domestic earnings. Still, $257 million in 12 days is not too shabby at all for the Webbed Wonder.

Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy took the silver medal this weekend, with an estimated gross of $28 million in its first weekend. The Will Farrell comedy was no match for Spidey but this is a pretty decent take for Anchorman, making its budget back plus $3 million in its debut weekend. I doubt it will come close to the $100 million mark, but it might come close if it doesn’t drop an enormous amount next weekend.

King Arthur had a rather disappointing weekend, taking the third spot with $15.1 million. It also only managed to muster $23.5 million overall, with its Wednesday opening. The Antoine Fuqua-helmed flick has virtually no chance of breaking even, with its huge $130 million budget.

The last new movie this weekend, Sleepover, will definitely not have an extended sleepover at the theaters. The teen comedy/thing took the 10th spot this weekend, earning a meager $4.2 million this weekend. It doesn’t matter what kind of budget Sleepover was working with (it wasn’t listed, actually) but I doubt this will break even as well.


The Bourne Supremacy: ( This is a very busy site that starts out with something I’ve never seen before: an interactive trailer, and if you have a little spare time, it’s very cool. You basically see parts of the trailer, then you have to click on certain items on the screen to move it forward. After that, there are some sub-headings with more info to look at. Under “Briefing” we get a synopsis, bio’s of the cast and crew along with some production notes. In “Photos” there’s, well, a photo gallery, in “Surveliance” we get the trailer and some clips and in “Evidence” there are some downloadable e-cards, screen savers, desktops and AIM icons. And if the interactive trailer wasn’t enough for you, under “Training” there is a full game for you to play, which tests your geographical knowledge and if you make it through the 4 levels you’re rewarded with “confidential” info on Jason Bourne. This is a wonderful site with a lot to keep you busy until the flick opens on July 23.

The Manchurian Candidate: ( It seems these web-based games might be the new trend in movie websites, because in The Manchurian Candidate website, there is a different game to play. On this game, though, you can win actual prizes, in a Kyocera cell phone or a screening of the flick in your hometown. But as for the rest of the site, there isn’t much here. There are some production stills, a synopsis and a link to register for more updates. There isn’t a whole lot here, but there should be more added before this movie’s July 30 release.

A Dirty Shame: ( This site is fittingly last because there is not much here. On the main page, we get a look at the very odd-looking cast, including Tracy Ullman, Johnny Knoxville and Selma Blair like you’ve never seen her before. Besides that, there is just a small photo gallery and a look at the trailer. This movie opens on September 17, so maybe there will be more added between now and then. An interactive game, perhaps?


Touch of Pink: This is one of the most un-entertaining trailer I’ve seen in a long time. This flick, a “comedy” about a guy trying to keep his homosexuality from his mother, looks just retarded. It doesn’t look funny, or original and the acting doesn’t seem good either. I doubt this movie will make my to-do list if it ever expands after it’s limited opening next weekend, July 16.

A Dirty Shame: This is another retarded trailer for a movie that will probably only be heard about because of it’s NC-17 rating. This John Waters flick is about a woman (Tracy Ullman) who gets a concussion which turns her into a sex addict. It might be interesting to see this flick to see how far it goes…and to see Selma Blair with gigantic “assets.” I really don’t know about this one. It could be some dumb fun, but it’ll probably be just dumb. We’ll have to wait until sometime in September to find out.

Saints and Soldiers: Finally, a decent trailer this week! Saints and Soldiers looks like a very compelling war film, even though the cast and crew are all people I’ve never heard of before. The movie is based on a true story about soldiers trapped in enemy territory in World War II and the acting, writing and directing all look pretty solid from the trailer. This might be worth a look when it’s comes out on August 6 in limited release.


For the second week in a row, the Best News of the Week revolves around the untitled Ted Griffin project. This week, it’s the additions of two wonderful actresses, Jennifer Anniston and Mena Suvari to the cast. Suvari hasn’t been in much as of late, and Anniston doesn’t get enough credit for her film acting, but this could be a great opportunity for them to get back on top of their game. With Shirley Maclaine, Kevin Costner, Mark Ruffalo and Charlie Hunnam already on board, these two additions only make the cast greater.


I thought this project was just going to fade away, but I guess I was wrong. This week’s Worst News of the Week is that the Police Academy series just won’t say uncle. I have no idea where they can possibly go with this series. They’ll probably end up starting from scratch, grabbing a couple of the older “stars” from the first series and ushering in a whole new academy of low-brow high jinks and supposed hilarity. One of the producers said he wanted to revive this when he saw other revival movies doing well. I doubt this one will, though...