Another week of movie news has come and gone. Rap star Eminem is looking to become a Golden Boy. Matt Damon and Ben Affleck try out their horror faces. And Jessica Alba rounded out a fantastic foursome. But a whole lot more went down in the City of Angels this week. Let’s take a look, but first, let’s check out the box office numbers.


Big Willie Style conquered the box office yet again. Will Smith’s I, Robot took the top spot away from Spider-Man 2 this weekend, grossing over double what Spidey took home in its 3rd weekend. I, Robot grossed an estimated $52.2 million in its opening weekend. July definitely seems to be The Fresh Prince’s month. Four of the top 10 July opening weekend grosses belong to movies starring Smith, and his Bad Boys was in the 11th spot.

Spider-Man 2 dropped to 2nd place this weekend, grossing an estimated $24.2 million in its third weekend. The Sam Raimi flick is now at $301.7 million overall, and this weekend, it became the 2nd fastest movie to reach the $300 million plateau, in 19 days, right ahead of Spider-Man, but just below Shrek 2 which reached the milestone in only 1 days. The flick only dropped 46.4% from last weekend, so if Spidey 2 keeps up its current pace, it just might equal or eclipse its predecessor’s $403.7 million haul.

The weekend’s only other new release found a home at the third spot this weekend. A Cinderella Story took home an estimated $13.8 million in its debut weekend. The Hillary Duff flick was only in just over 2,600 theaters, but it only mustered a $5,257 average per screen. I’d imagine this movie, like Sleepover, will suffer a massive drop in its second weekend. Sleepover grossed only $1.1 million in its second weekend, finishing in 15th place and dropping a mammoth 73.6% from its debut last weekend. It looks like this Sleepover won’t be lasting too much longer in theaters…


Mean Creek: ( The website for this indie flick is up first, and on the main page we get a few praising testimonials from a few critics. There is a decent amount of information here for your perusal. There are links to a synopsis, production notes, some production stills, bio’s on the cast and crew, some reviews, a list of the songs on the soundtrack, a full rundown of the cast and crew and even some contact information for the production company that made this movie. There’s nothing really flashy about the site, but there is plenty of information here if you’re interested in this flick.

Ray: ( This site is up next for the biopic of the legendary Ray Charles. This site isn’t very flashy either, but there is a lot less information here. All we get is a synopsis, the trailer and a desktop and AIM icon to download. This movie does look very interesting, but hopefully they will add more to this site before Ray’s October 29th release.

Raise Your Voice: ( This site is up last, and there isn’t a whole lot here as well. We get the trailer, a synopsis of the story, and a dowloadable poster and desktop. You can also sign up for updates on the movie. There is one pretty cool feature of the site, though. In the photo gallery, you can turn on this AutoPlay feature, which scrolls through all of the photos for you. That’s a neat little feature, but still, there isn’t a lot of stuff on this site. Raise Your Voice opens on October 8.


Mean Creek: This is a wonderful trailer and I really can’t wait for this to hit the theaters. The cast looks very intriguing, with Scott Mechlowicz from Eurotrip and Maccauley’s younger brother Rory Culkin. The trailer is filled with amazingly positive insights from critics and from the looks of the trailer, I’d bet they’re right on the money. It seems that the film mixes comedy and drama very well, it has a great soundtrack and the performances all seem genuine. With the movie being released on August 20, this could be the perfect movie to end out the summer with.

Elvis Has Left the Building: This might take the award for the longest trailer of the year. It will probably be marketed as a “quirky” comedy, but it will probably fall flat on the screen. The acting doesn’t look too bad, from Kim Basinger and John Corbett, Denise Richards and Sean Astin, but the story just appears to be scattered all over the place. I don’t know what to make of this one, so I guess we’ll have to wait until sometime later this year to find out how this flick turns out.

First Daughter: Ingredients for First Daughter: 1 part Chasing Liberty, 1 part Katie Holmes, 1 part Michael Keaton, mix, blend, frappe and serve until boredom sets in…Katie Holmes, my future wife, will be the only reason to see this blatant re-hash of Chasing Liberty. It’s basically the EXACT same story. Why can’t they make a flick where the First Daughter/Liberty gets caught drinking or something like the Bush daughters? Besides the lovely Holmes, this flick will probably be a huge waste of time.

Ray: Jamie Foxx looks at the top of his game here as Ray Charles. He has the look down stone cold for this role and his voice is fairly accurate as well. Foxx has turned in some wonderful performances as of late, but this could be his biggest breakthrough yet. This definitely has the potential to be a great dramatic film. Ray opens on October 29.

Yes Nurse, No Nurse: A spoof musical/comedy? Well, at least we can be thankful that the Wayans brothers didn’t write it, but this still looks unbelievably retarded anyway. Just from the trailer, these performances are so over-acted they make most of Jim Carrey’s act look subtle. I have no idea what the story is about either, except that it involves some nurses. This won’t make my to-do list at all when it’s released on September 3.

Raise Your Voice: Hillary Duff a.k.a. the hot teenager guys drooled over before Lindsey Lohan, stars in this formulaic flick about a young singer going to some music school. That must be a real stretch for her, being a pop singer and all…This looks dumb and un-original but it will probably make a profit just from guys paying to see her on the silver screen. This dumb-titled flick opens October 8.

The trailers for Zelary and The Brown Bunny were also added to MovieWeb this week. But Zelary’s trailer was off of, and if you’ve ever seen a trailer through there, where it takes you about 10 minutes just to get through the ads before the trailer, it’s just not worth it. I’ll wait until in comes out on Quicktime. And my computer, for some reason, wouldn’t play The Brown Bunny trailer. But, if memory serves me, this was mentioned as one of the worst movies of all time, so I’m not holding my breath for that one either…


The Best News crown goes to Sam Mendes helming The Kite Runner. OK, the title does sound pretty dumb, but Mendes is a remarkable filmmaker and I’ll definitely keep an eye out for this one. He’s also directing from a script by David Benioff, which is another great sign. I wasn’t the biggest fan of his The 25th Hour, but his script for Troy was done rather well. The story sound pretty intriguing and it will be interesting to see how well these two filmmakers mesh with each other. Everything Mendes has done was Oscar bait (See: American Beauty, Road to Perdition) and I don’t see this breaking that trend at all.


This week’s Worst News crown of thorns goes to the Sci Fi channel lying about it’s documentary on M. Night Shyamalan. If there is such a thing as “yellow filmmaking” as there is “yellow journalism” this would be it. I can’t believe they were going to air this “documentary” that was filled with lies about one of the greatest filmmakers working in Hollywood today. A Sci Fi executive said it was a "guerilla marketing campaign" that went too far.” It sounds more like a smear campaign that they initiated when some over-eager documentarians pushed Night’s envelope too far. Night wouldn’t cooperate, so they throw this documentary back in his face? I’m sorry, but that’s just pure crap. Instead of suing for breach of contract, like most pure-blooded American’s would do, they make up lies to get back at him? I don’t care how these Sci Fi execs try to paint this picture of “going to far”. It sounds like a smear campaign that backfired...