Another week has passed, filled with another slew of movie news. Wesley Snipes adds another Seven Seconds of fame. We got an exclusive first look at the Open Water one-sheet. And we also got our first look at the "stars" of Team America: World Police. But a lot more than that went down this week in L.A. Let's check it out, but first, lets see who won the box-office war this weekend.


Matt Damon's career has been re-Bourne. After the disappointing grosses for last year's Stuck On You, Damon is back on top with The Bourne Supremacy. The sequel to 2002's The Bourne Identity took the top spot from I, Robot, earning an estimated $53.5 in its opening weekend. The flick nearly doubled The Bourne Identity's opening weekend gross of $27.1 million, and it's the highest opening-weekend gross of his career. If he starts to pick his roles better, Damon will likely keep bringing in the big bucks for years to come.

Last week's box office winner, I, Robot slipped down a notch to 2nd place. The Will Smith techo-thriller earned just over $22 million in its second weekend. The flick dropped a slightly-alarming 57.7% in its second weekend, but it now stands at $95.4 million and it will likely earn its $120 million budget back.

The week's only other new release, Catwoman, took the bronze medal this weekend in 3rd place. The Halle Berry actioner took in $17.1 million in its debut weekend. This has to be disappointing for Warner Brothers, since this flick was budgeted at $100 million, and with this paltry opening weekend, it seems unlikely that this movie will see a profit at the box office. But I'll still check it out this week to see the lovely Berry in that tight cat-suit...


Vanity Fair: ( This is the only site that went live this week, and there really isn't much here. All we get is a look at what will probably be the movie's one-sheet, the movie's trailer and a link to sign up for updates on the site. Reese Witherspoon does look delectably demure, but that's about the only reason to check out this site...


A Sound of Thunder: This is a fantastic trailer for the movie based on the Ray Bradbury short story. We get a wonderful cast here with Edward Burns, Ben Kingsley and Catherine McCormack. This looks to be a remarkable thriller with a futuristic plot and action. It's still looking for a release date, sometime in September supposedly, but I hope this comes out soon because it looks like a great film.

Meet the Fockers: We don't get a whole lot of footage from the sequel here. In fact, there is more footage from 2000's Meet the Parents than this sequel. But still, with the main principals back for the sequel, and the additions of Dustin Hoffman and Barbara Streissand, this looks to be a terrific comedy. I was a little upset that they didn't cast Stiller's actual father, Jerry Stiller here as Greg Focker's dad, but Hoffman looks like he'll fill in just fine. Check out all the high jinks and hilarity on December 22.

Warriors of Heaven and Earth: This looks like another great samurai/drama vehicle. I'm not familiar with filmmaker He Ping, but this looks like it will be a winner. This flick is also looking for a release date, supposedly in August, but it does look like a winner.

National Lampoon's Gold Diggers: The word "dreadful" comes to mind…Who in their right mind would give the guy who played "The Sherminator" in American Pie a starring role? This looks amazingly retarded and I can't see this making any money at all. They're trying to mix comedy with dark comedy and it looks like none of it will be funny at all. This will be one to surely avoid on September 17.


My pick for Best News of the Week is, ironically enough, the news about a book's release, instead of a movie. The behind-the-scenes books for the upcoming Star Wars: Episode III is some great news, folks. I had no idea that they put out similar books for Episode I and II, but this one is supposed to be more in depth than the other books. The best part about these books, though, is the fact that they are nice enough to include Lucas' screenplay in the book! Last year, I spent my time standing in line for Episode II reading that movie's screenplay which I got online. With this book coming out almost 2 months before the movie comes out, it looks like I can continue this tradition with Episode III. These books sound like a definite read for any Star Wars fan.


The Worst News this week is the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) developing its first feature film with their SmackDown "thug" John Cena to topline. It's quite obvious they're just trying to capitalize on The Rock's success on the silver screen, which seems natural enough, due to the acting elements that go into being a professional wrestler. But John Cena? The "Doctor of Thuganomics"? Come on. Sure, he might be pretty funny on SmackDown, but this looks like a serious drama/action thing and I highly doubt he can pull this off. Let's just hope to God that the wrestlers aren't writing the project as well...

Well, that's all for this week folks. Swing on by next week where I'll unveil a new feature for the column. So, until next week, from the far side of the bizarre ride, this is your Movie Freak, signing off.