Howdy folks. Another week has come and gone and brought with it another slew of movie news, box office info, new official websites for upcoming movies and new trailers. So lets get right into it with this week's Notables.


"Naomi Watts Gets Kicked, Bitten and Scratched" - Monday, March 12:

This doesn't sound at all like a Naomi Watts role. I can't see her in one of those khaki outfits trying to train rare wild animals. She doesn't seem too outdoorsy to me, actually. On top of that, is this really something people will pay to see? I'm sure these people have it rough, training and communicating with these animals, but every tough job doesn't deserve a movie. On top of that, they have it listed as a romantic comedy. Blah. Worst News of the Week Nominee.

"Jack Black Joins the Cast of Tropic Thunder" - Monday, March 12:

This cast just keeps getting better and better, folks. Jack Black will add another great pedigree to this cast of Ben Stiller, Jay Baruchel and Robert Downey Jr. They will all play actors who are filming a big-budget war flick who must actually become the commandos they're set to portray, and rely on their limited training to survive. I get more anxious for this every week, it seems. This should be a hilarious flick, folks! Best News of the Week Nominee.

"Gerard Butler Set to Escape from New York" - Tuesday, March 13:

It isn't a big surprise that Butler signed on to a big-level project after his astounding lead turn in 300. But I am surprised that this project is going through, although it is a pleasant one. Butler will play Snake Pliskin, a role made popular by Kurt Russell in the original John Carpenter flick and the sequel, Escape from L.A.. Butler certainly has the chops and the physique to pull off Pliskin, and I'll be interested to see who else signs onto this project. Certainly after 300, anything else with Butler starring is good news for me. Best News of the Week Nominee.

"Frank Coraci Directing Part-Time Pirates" - Tuesday, March 13:

Coraci has only directed six films in his career, but three of them, his biggest ones, were starring his old college buddy Adam Sandler. While it isn't said here if Sandler will be acting or producing through his Happy Madison shingle, it looks like we won't see Sandler on board here and that Coraci is starting to branch out a bit. This sounds like a pretty damn-good movie, actually. It almost sounds like a spin-off on Wild Hogs, with a group of middle-aged guys who find adventure when they start pilfering the yachts of their former bosses, recapturing their manhood and such. A lot will depend on who they cast for this, but it sounds like a good move for Coraci and a Best News of the Week Nominee.

"Rider Strong Checks Back Into Cabin Fever 2" - Wednesday, March 14:

Ugh. Apparently my incredibly low opinion of Eli Roth's debut film Cabin Fever wasn't shared by many people. I thought it was just a terrible waste of a movie, but it turned Roth into a cult figure almost overnight. I did enjoy his follow-up, Hostel, but Cabin Fever just didn't do it for me. Now we have a sequel, with just Rider Strong, as Paul, and Giuseppe Andrews, the weirdo deputy who was the ONLY good thing about the first movie, are the only ones returning for the sequel. This moronic flick will have the deadly virus move from the woods to a high school during the prom. Balls. This will be absolutely retarded. Worst News of the Week Nominee.


There were three newcomers to theaters this weekend, but none of them could stave off last week's reigning 1-2 combo. 300 and Wild Hogs kept their 1-2 punch for the second weekend in a row, with 300 taking in an estimated $31.1 million and Wild Hogs taking in $18.8 million. After the massive opening weekend, critically and financially, the 56% drop is a little surprising for 300. The flick even added 167 theaters from last weekend, for a tally of 3,270, and it did post an impressive per-screen average of $9,536, but a 56% drop wasn't what I was expecting after its debut of over $70 million. Still, the Zack Snyder epic is sitting in pretty financial shape, with an overall take of $127.4 million after 10 days in release, with a budget of just $65 million. Wild Hogs also passed the $100 million mark, although it took an extra week to do so, sitting at $103.9 million after three weeks at the theater.

Oh yeah, the newcomers. They all finished 3-4-5 this weekend, and Premonition was tops for the newbies this weekend, taking the third spot with an estimated $18 million. The Sandra Bullock flick bowed in 2,831 theaters and posted a decent $6,358 per-screen average. The movie was only budgeted at $20 million, so it's pretty safe to say they'll profit from this supernatural deal. The other two newbies received much worse rollouts and finished quite distant from the top three. Dead Silence took fourth place this weekend with an estimated $7.7 million, bowing in just 1,805 theaters, but posting an average per-screen average of $4,305. Chris Rock's I Think I Love My Wife finished in 5th place with a paltry $5.7 million. The flick was released in just 1,776 theaters and finished with a below-average per-screen average of $3,217. Maybe Rock would've been better off if he didn't love his wife...


Lonely Hearts: (

OK, for some reason this site takes FOREVER to load, but maybe that's just me. It doesn't matter though since once you get here, there isn't much to see anyway. We get a Synopsis, a Trailer which didn't work for me, About, which gives us a little more insight on the film and its key players, a brief slideshow of shots in Stills and some Contact info for the prodco Millenium Films. The flick sounds rather interesting but the site is basically garbage. Lonely Hearts opens on April 13 in limited release.

Severance: (

The site starts off with a weird little clip involving paintball and a beartrap. Yeah. We get to the main site, and there's not a whole lot here for us. In The Movie menu, we get a brief Synopsis as well as background info for the Cast and Crew. The Video menu gives us the "Trailer" which I thought was a normal video clip, and two other clips. Downloads gives us some AIM Icons and Wallpapers to download and they have some links to the movie's sites for Digg and MySpace that you can check out as well. Pretty boring, though. Severance opens on April 20.

Georgia Rule: (

OK, I didn't get the memo that it was frickin Lame Website Week up in here. All we get here is the Trailer, a Synopsis, ONE Photo, some AIM Icons and Wallpapers in Downloads. LAME!! Georgia Rule opens on May 11.


Day Watch

Wow, folks. If you are among the deprived who haven't yet watched Timur Bekmambetov's astonishing film Night Watch, they you really don't know what you're missing, folks. That was the first movie based off of a trilogy of Russian novels from Sergei Lukyanenko, and this is the second, Day Watch. The first was such a startlingly good movie and from the looks of this trailer, it looks like Bekmambetov and his star Konstatin Khabensky have upped the ante some more. Dammit, just go see Night Watch right now, and then you'll be as pumped about this trailer and movie that I am. Day Watch opens on June 1 in limited release.

Georgia Rule

I don't know if this will help Lindsey Lohan's cause to be a "serious actress," but acting alongside Jane Fonda and Felicity Huffman can't hurt one bit. This is another one of those family-coming-together deals with Fonda as the grandmother, Huffman as the daughter and Lohan as the granddaughter here as Huffman and Lohan move in with Fonda from California to a sleepy rural Idaho town. Culture shock ensues. Generation clashes ensue. Guys, I wouldn't make any plans on May 11 if I were you...

Lonely Hearts

This looks pretty messed up, but almost in a good way. For one, the writer-director of the flick is the grandson of the detective (played by John Travolta) who tracked these real-life Lonely Hearts killers. For two, the trailer just goes all over the place here and we get these odd portraits of Jared Leto and Salma Hayek as these killers. I really just am not sure what to make of this trailer and movie, but hopefully a better trailer will come out before this hits the theaters on April 13 in limited release.


We had some pretty good picks this week, but I'm just going to have to choose

Gerard Butler donning the wig and eyepatch for Snake Pliskin for my Best News of the Week. While this by far Butler's most visible role of his career, he does have a past that's checkered with his performances the likes of Atilla the Hun, Dracula and The Phantom of the Opera. While it will be odd to not see Kurt Russell wearing that eyepatch, Butler is a marvelous choice to remake the role and movie with, and Butler will continue to be on the rise in TinselTown.


I'm going with Rider Strong and Cabin Fever 2 for my Worst News of the Week, easily. OK, I did think that Giuseppe Andrews kicked ass as the eccentric cop in the first one, but that honestly was the only thing I liked about that movie. The rest was just terrible, and it really shocked the crap out of me when it got such amazing reviews. They have a new director and writer here, but it sounds even f*&^ing WORSE than the first one, if that's actually possible. I... just don't get it, folks. Hopefully a real flesh-eating virus tears into the set and ravages this film so I'll never have to see or hear anything about it for as long as I live.

That's all for this week. Surf on by next week for more box office goodies, new official sites for upcoming flicks, new trailers and, of course, the best and worst news of the week. Take care folks and, always remember: if it looks like a good time, sounds like a good time and feels like a good time... it probably isn't free. Gallagher out!