Another week, another slew of movie news. A lot went down this week, so lets get right into the good and the bad with this week's Notables section.


"Jeff Bridges joins Terry Gilliam's Tideland" - Tuesday, September 7

I've been a fan of Jeff Bridges for awhile now, and not just his infamous turn as "The Dude" (See: The Contender and many others). Now he's teaming up with one of my favorite filmmakers in Terry Gilliam, so this is definitely some good news. Best News of the Week Nominee.

"Kevin Smith talks more on the Clerks sequel" - Tuesday, September 7

I thought this was a great idea when I first heard about it and now that Smith has talked more about it, it sounds even better. I just can't wait for this one, folks, plain and simple. Best News of the Week Nominee.

"Hugh Hefner and Stan Lee to develop Superbunnies" - Wednesday, September 8

The words "scantily clad" and Hugh Hefner seem to go hand in hand. But an animated Hef and animated playmates fighting crime? This just sounds retarded, although, ironically, it's rather fitting that this landed at MTV, because pretty much everything on the network is retarded anyway. Play some damn music for a change you bastards! Worst News of the Week Nominee.

"David Chappelle and Michael Gondry to develop untitled feature" - Thursday, September 9

This is quite the odd couple, as far as Hollywood teams go. An indie filmmaker and the hottest comic on television to team up for a feature? But it sounds like a winner to me. I'm not quite sure about the structure, but with Chappelle and Gondry's talent, this could definitely be a winner. Best News of the Week Nominee.

"Richard Linklater signs on to direct Bad News Bears remake" - Thursday, September 9

This project just keeps getting better and better. First, Billy Bob Thornton was cast in Walter Mathau's role in probably the best casting decision of the year. Then the writers behind the wonderful Bad Santa are taking care of the script. Now, the talented Linklater is directing. The original was a wonderful flick, and I have all the faith in the world that this great actor and filmmakers can turn the remake into cinematic gold. Best News of the Week Nominee.

"Johnny Knoxville and Seann William Scott are The Dukes of Hazzard" - Thursday, September 9

First of all, I don't know who wrote this article, but the car used in The Dukes of Hazzard was not a GTO. It was a Dodge Charger. Anyway, now that that's out of the way, this sounds like a pretty good fit. Scott and Knoxville have the perfect looks for these roles, only I have to wonder which one will dye their hair blond to play....crap, I forgot which one was which. With these two on board, and the guys from Broken Lizzard to write, (I'll forgive them for Club Dread) it sounds like this one will turn out just fine. Best News of the Week Nominee.


It was an Evil weekend at the box office this weekend, with Resident Evil: Apocalypse taking the crown. The sequel grossed a hefty $23.7 million in its debut weekend. The flick scored the third highest September opening, right behind Rush Hour with $33 million and Sweet Home Alabama's $35.6 million opening gross. It even topped the original flick's $17.7 million opening weekend gross. RE2 was shown in a healthy 3,284 theaters and scored an average of $7,216 per screen. We'll have to see how much this one drops off next weekend.

The only other new flick in theaters this weekend, Cellular, took the silver medal. The David Ellis flick took the second spot with an estimated gross of $10.6 million. It was shown in a decent 2,749 theaters, but averaged a paltry $3,855 per screen. September is the cinematic dumping ground, so this isn't a total shock here. I can't see this flick taking in over $25 million.

With expectations traditionally low for this time of year, one summer indie hit found its way onto the top 10. Napoleon Dynamite, in its 14th week, took the 9th spot this weekend, up from its 13th place finish last weekend. Dynamite's $2.6 million estimated gross this weekend marked the first time the movie has burst into the top 10. Amazingly, this flick has only dropped from its previous weekend 2 times in its 14-week run, this weekend being one of those weekends, although it only dipped 5.7 percent. It will be very interesting to see how far this flick can last at the theaters.


Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo: (

This is a very stupid website. There is a very corny Flash intro here with some equally corny music in the background. But that's all there is here, folks, except for the obligatory link to register for updates. Still, there is still a ways to go before this flick hits theaters on April 8 of next year, so maybe there will be some more stuff on here later. There's no reason to check this site out yet though.

A Dirty Shame: (

This site is the polar opposite of the last flick. There is a ton of stuff on this site for John Waters new flick. If you click on the Tell Me About It link, you get a synopsis, a few video clips, a rundown of the cast and crew and a link about "film fetishes" which is just a link into the making of the flick. There is also a link to the trailer and soundtrack, and under Downloads are some desktops, e-cards, screensavers and AIM icons. At the bottom, there is also an interview with John Waters and a clip where "Ursula performs." There is a lot to this site here, plenty to keep you busy before this flick hits theaters on September 17.

Hotel Rwanda: (

There isn't really a whole lot here. If you're in the Toronto area, or are attending the Toronto Film Festival, there are screening times for that, and a photo gallery. The site does have a nice look to it, with some large stills from the flick as backgrounds, but as for content, there's just not that much here. Hotel Rwanda opens on December 22.

I Am David: (

This site looks good, but still there's not much here. They just list all the awards this flick has received so far, you can watch the trailer and sign on to their message boards. But, that's all folks, although they do say their full site is "coming soon." Hopefully there's more than there is on this site when the full site hits the web. I Am David opens on December 3 in limited release.

White Noise: (

There's not much on this site either, but there is a really creepy intro thing on the main pages that keeps repeating. All we get here is a synopsis, photo gallery and a link explaining Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) - a belief that if you listen to static on radio you can hear voices of the dead, and if you watch static on TV, you can see their faces. The flick does look interesting, but there's not much to this website. White Noise opens on January 7 of next year.

Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason: (

This site is about as basic as you can get. There's just a trailer, synopsis and photo gallery, but the site is just a black background with the title and the links that look like they were just scribbled out. There's no real reason to check this out until the flick opens on November 19.


Being Julia:

This just doesn't look like my cup of proverbial tea. Annette Benning is a fine actress, Jeremy Irons is talented but this just looks stupid. I'm just not into these British period pieces at all. But if that's your bag, you can check it out on October 15 in limited release.


This trailer looks very interesting with Nicole Kidman as a grieving wife and the creepy-looking kid from Godsend (Cameron Bright) who is supposedly her dead husband reincarnated as said creepy-looking kid. This is one of those flicks that I want to see, just to see how exactly they end it. I'm not sure if it'll be good or bad, but it sure will be interesting to see. Birth comes out in theaters November 5.

White Noise:

This is one of the more unique trailers for a fictional movie that you'll probably ever see. The trailer starts out with supposedly real examples of Electronic Voice Phenomena (E.V.P.). This phenomena supposedly occurs when one listens to radio static or watches television static. Apparently, the dead can communicate through the static. These voices, even if they're not real, are chilling nonetheless, and the movie looks equally chilling. This could be a great white-knuckle thriller, folks. White Noise opens on January 7.


We've seen movies like this before: the "expert" on women who meets his proverbial match and blah blah blah. Here, the expert is played by Big Willie Style, Will Smith and the match is played by the luscious Eva Mendes. Smith's area of expertise is first impressions, and he's been hooking up couples all over New York for years. Then he meets Mendes and, yeah, blah blah blah. We'll have to wait until February 11th, yep, the weekend before Valentine's Day, to find out if there's anything interesting between the blah's.

Lightning in a Bottle:

Music has been fashionable at the cinema this year, particularly music documentaries with Metallica: Some Kind of Monster, The Mayor of Sunset Strip and many others in theaters or hitting theaters this year. This one, a documentary that is really a concert film, looks as good or better than any of them. The line-up for this one-night musical event is just astounding. I have to say, though, I'm a little surprised that blues man, and native of my home state of Minnesota Johnny Lang isn't in the line-up. It looks like one hell of musically-charged flick as musicians of all genres pay tribute to the blues. Oh yeah, and Training Day director Antoine Fuqua is at the helm also. Looks like a winner to me. Lightning in a Bottle opens on October 22 in limited release.


There's a lot to choose from in this category this week, but my pick has to go to Richard Linklater taking the helm of the Bad News Bears remake. If you haven't seen the wonderful original flick with Walter Mathau, it's a great rental, people. It's funny, smart and doesn't have the typical Hollywood ending. I'm not generally a huge fan of remakes, but this classic is well worthy of a remake. They're batting 1,000 so far, with Billy Bob Thornton, fresh off his uber-grumpy/wonderful turn as the Bad Santa, taking Mathau's role, Bad Santa scribes Glenn Ficarra and John Requa writing the script and now Linklater taking over directing duties. Now all they need to do is get some great kids and this one is all set. I'm waiting with baited breath, and I know this talented group won't let me down.


Well, there's not a lot to choose from here this week, one story to be exact, so my pick for worst news of the week is retarded duo of MTV and Hugh Hefner. First of all, MTV is just dreadful these days. Sure, Punk'd was funny the first few times, but as far as the rest of the original programming, it's just not my thing. It's sad that you can probably see more music at the theater this year than you can on, you know, Music Television! Play some music, you apes! Anyway, now they want to do an animated series with scantily-clad cartoon playmates fighting crime with the smoking-jacket-clad Hef? He says this cartoon is his "alter-ego." Sure, Hef. Every male carbon-based life form loves your magazine, but do you honestly think that fan base will transfer over to a cartoon? Maybe in anime style....hmmm, why don't you get the Dragon Ball Z guys to head this one up? That might work...maybe.