Netflix has released the first trailer and photo for The Week Of, which reunites comedy superstars Adam Sandler and Chris Rock. This movie marks their sixth collaboration together, following 2003's Pauly Shore is Dead, 2005's The Longest Yard remake, 2008's You Don't Mess With the Zohan, 2010's Grown Ups and 2013's Grown Ups 2. This movie also marks the fourth of Adam Sandler's original four-movie deal with Netflix that he signed back in 2014, following The Ridiculous Six, The Do-Over and Sandy Wexler.

This Netflix comedy won't be the end of their deal with Adam Sandler, though, with the comedian signing on for four more movies with Netflix. The streaming service claimed in a statement from last March that the first two movies of their Adam Sandler deal, the ensemble Western comedy The Ridiculous Six and the action-comedy The Do-Over, which reunited Sandler and David Spade, were the "biggest film releases" for Netflix, although they still have not released any viewing data. The first three movies of the Netflix deal were all very different types of comedy, with this fourth movie exploring the family comedy genre.

The comedy tells the story of two fathers who are polar opposites (Adam Sandler and Chris Rock) and the dysfunctional hilarity that ensues when their families come together to celebrate the wedding of their children. They are forced to spend the longest week of their lives together and the big day could not come soon enough, as everything that could go wrong, does. Watch the hilarious hijinks as the two try to keep everything afloat, while dealing with their families...and each other. Before they get to the big day, they have to go through a long week.

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The supporting cast includes Rachel Dratch and Melanie Nichols-King as the wives of Adam Sandler and Chris Rock, Allison Strong and Roland Buck III as the bride and groom, along with Rob Morgan, Scott Cohen, Patricia Belcher and Steve Buscemi. The film is directed by Robert Smigel and co-written by Smigel and Adam Sandler. The comedy is produced by Happy Madison Productions with Adam Sandler and Allen Covert serving as producers and Barry Bernardi and Tim Herlihy serving as executive producers. The film will premiere globally on Netflix on April 27, 2018.

While the movie won't open in theaters, it will debut on Netflix the same date that the Lionsgate thriller Traffik and an untitled animated project from Entertainment Studios debuts. While the last weekend of the year is often one of the worst at the box office, that could very well be an advantage for this Netflix comedy. Take a look at the trailer and photo below as we start the countdown to The Week Of.

<strong><em>The Week Of</em></strong> Photo

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