The Weinstein Co. and Lionsgate are in final negotiations to partner on the distribution of Teeth, the story of a virginal girl whose vagina turns into a secret weapon, according to The Hollywood Reporter:

After initially passing on the film, the distributors revisited the project Sunday after a noon screening at the Eccles Theatre. It's not clear which studio will take the lead on theatrical distribution or video, but the Weinsteins and Lionsgate have a strong history releasing controversial product together, including 1999's Dogma and 2004's Fahrenheit 9/11.

By partnering with indie Lionsgate, the Weinstein Co. won't have to deal with the MPAA signatory rules that would require the film to carry a rating, as it would if it went with its traditional distributor, MGM. The Weinsteins intend to release the film in its current form, not cutting any of the profane material that likely would prompt an NC-17 rating.

No word on when the film will be released in theatres.