The Weinstein Co. has picked up the rights on the comedy dance spoof, Dirty Step Stomp written by Steve Basilone and Annie Mebane; BenderSpink will produce.

The movie will take on recent dance films as Stomp the Yard, Step Up and Save the Last Dance, as well as the 1980s classics Footloose and Dirty Dancing. The Hollywood Reporter says the idea of the movie originated in one of Benderspink's weekly idea meetings, where everyone from the company is encouraged to come forward with ideas and opinions pertaining to articles, books, specs, pitches and the like. A month ago, TV coordinator Amber DeFrancis threw out the idea of a dance spoof movie, noting that the genre was ripe for a takedown. Andrew Mallett, the assistant to Benderspink partner Jill McElroy, suggested that a couple of his writer friends could pen the spec. Over the next couple of weeks, DeFrancis and Mallett and writers Basilone and Mebane developed the script under Novick's guidance.

There's no production schedule set for Dirty Step Stomp.