Furthering it's bid to dominate the home video market, The Weinstein Co. has struck a deal with Videocine.

In a story from Variety, The Weinstein Co. will be "licensing the extensive homevid library of Videocine," the film component of Mexican corporation Televisa.

The Weinstein Co. "bought U.S. and Canadian rights to Televisa's 178-title library." Some of the titles in the collection are El Tigre de Santa Julia and Dame tu cuerpo.

This deal makes it's possible for Televisa and The Weinstein Co. to possibly team up on TV projects. Televisa is apparently looking "to produce hipper series aimed at young adults," and they have "been exploring co-productions both for Mexico and the U.S. market -- including English productions."

The Weinstein Co.'s distro arm "Genius Products will provide distribution services" for these DVDs. The plan is start bringing out the titles this spring.

This new deal marks The Weinstein Co.'s "second major expansion into Spanish-language films;" they had "already created the Latin American Film Fund with Eduardo Costantini."