Confronted by boycotts and protests at screenings of its films, including bicoastal protests at screenings of its Friday opener Superhero Movie, the Weinstein Co. said Monday that it now plans to release two versions of Fanboys. The company confirmed it will release the two versions on DVD, and a company source later added that they're exploring two theatrical versions.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Fanboys is about four diehard Star Wars fans who break into George Lucas' Skywalker Ranch in order to see The Phantom Menace on the eve of its release, wrapped production two years ago and has been stuck in limbo as a tug-of-war between Harvey Weinstein and the filmmakers waged over competing versions of the movie.

The latest announcement did nothing to satisfy the filmmakers, who accuse the company of only putting out the announcement in order to sidestep a meltdown at this weekend's boxoffice.

"This is more about avoiding picket lines at 'Superhero' than it was about making a decision about the release of our movie," said Kevin Mann, one of the producers.