24 producer Tony Krantz and Infernal Affairs co-director Andrew Lau are teaming up with the Weinstein Company to make three Hong Kong action flicks. According to Variety, these films are going to be shot in English.

Krantz and Lau will form a new distribution label called Qi (pronounced "Chee"). And with it, they plan on redefining the "chopsocky" genre.

The films are intended to go straight to DVD on Weinstein's Dragon Dynasty label, but there is a chance that they will get theatrical distribution. If all goes well, the contract could extend well beyond just the first three films.

The movies produced under the Qi label will be character and plot driven, not just slam-bang action set pieces. Krantz and Lua also hope to bring a couple of new, untested action stars into the mix.

Shooting on the first, as yet untitled, feature will begin early next year.