The Whitest Kids U Know, the award-winning debauched comedy troupe, is coming back to IFC with all-new 30-minute scripted episodes starting June 11 at 10:00 PM ET/PT with Episode 4.01: Episode 401.

"Bizarre, edgy, and hilarious," and "funnier than Saturday Night Live," according to Entertainment Weekly, The Whitest Kids U Know's sardonic, salty humor cracks on politics, gender, race and sex and pushes sketch comedy to a whole new level of depraved genius. 

The new season continues to showcase the raucous and peculiar talents of Trevor Moore, Zach Cregger, Sam Brown, Darren Trumeter and Timmy Williams - as they take on our culture's obsessive fascination with everything from social mores and conspiracy theories to celebrity culture, and yes, bodily functions. This summer, The Whitest Kids U Know will continue to cross the line with scenarios that include Charles Manson on a home shopping channel, Osama Bin Laden as a game show host, and a world in which drunken babies reign supreme. Fans of The Whitest Kids U Knows' musical parodies can sing along to the infectious tale of "Sex Robot" - all machine, all love, all the time. Past season standouts have included dinosaurs getting high, warped retellings of Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy's assassinations, and Adolf Hitler as a rap star.

The troupe's jolting popularity has made their story the stuff of web legend and evidence that user-generated content websites prove successful incubators for emerging talent. Their earliest viral videos became instant web sensations - among YouTube's top-ranked (almost 5 million views for Abe Lincoln so far!), a CollegeHumor fave, a festival pick (winner of the 2006 Aspen Comedy Festival Best Sketch Comedy Troupe Award), and deemed one of '10 Comics to Watch' by Variety.

The Whitest Kids U Know is executive produced by Jim Biederman (The Kids in the Hall, The Tom Green Show). For IFC, Debbie Demontreux and Jennifer Caserta serve as Executive Producers.

The Whitest Kids U Know EPISODES 1 - 4

Episode 4.01: Episode 401: Premieres June 11 @ 10PM ET/PT
. Sketches in this episode include: Alien Autopsy - mystery solved, The Whitest Kids finally figure out which alien started all the UFO fuss years ago in Roswell; Love at First Sight - a foiled ménage a trois forces Sam to pick one girl; Baby Sketch - a runaway unborn baby causes havoc in the delivery room and brings new meaning to the game of Hide and Seek; Sex Robot - a musical ode to a funky robot with only one thing on his mind; Barf Museum - two dads abandon their kids to try and recapture their carefree pre-parenthood lives; Also in this episode: Grandma's Cookies, Jaws, Santa, Mouth Stuck Open and Rip Your Dick Off.

Episode 4.02: Episode 402 - Premieres June 18 @ 10PM ET/PT. 
Sketches in this episode include: Hand Pee - Sam gives obsessive compulsives another reason to wash their hands; Changing Channels - The Kids stop at nothing to get your attention; Alive Dicks - stranded atop a snowy mountain, five starving straight men contemplate eating man meat; You Talkin To Me? - a girl's pony sadly has to be put down, but not before her father has a little Robert De Niro -style fun; Also in this episode: Senator Clint Webb, Dr. Kyle, Barney The Bear, Bike Up the Ass, and Titopotomus


Episode 4.03: Episode 403 - Premieres June 25 @ 10PM ET/PT. 
Sketches in this episode include: Mission Impossible - heavy petting is required to complete an agent's secret mission; Trench Big Mouths - soldier histrionics is frowned upon even for the mortally wounded; Boner Wedding - ding dong, the bells are going to chime. Pet Heaven - a man meets his untimely death, only to accidentally end up in animal heaven; Also in this episode: Spaghetti Dinner Date, Hamster Death, Walk of Shame, Sam's Muscles, Scrubbing Bubbles with Chicken and Dad Fight


Episode 4.04: Episode 404 - Premieres July 2 @ 10PM ET/PT. 
Sketches in this episode include: Kid Beer - the best business idea ever, marketing brewskies to babies; Booger Blasters - it's "snot" your average squirt gun; Walt Whitman - the lauded poet, we learn, was a breast man; Moon Landing - a conspiracy theory gets nuked when President Barack Obama gets involved; Also in this episode: Old Man Winters, Chicken Not Kitten, Computer Jerk Off Dad, and Insult Restaurant.