With Director Bryan Singer wrapping up X-Men: Days of Future Past for it's Memorial Day launch and then penning X-Men: Apocalypse, many fans are wondering when we will see Wolverine 3.

We know that James Mangold is committed to write the sequel, even though Hugh Jackman doesn't seem interested in coming back. The actor has played the adamantium infused superhero for 15 years and will probably not return for another run if there isn't a good reason to.

Whether he returns or not, 20th Century Fox is set to move forward with the project. Director James Mangold verified that statement in an answer to someone's question on Twitter. Check out what he had to say.

With that said, it isn't likely we will see the next installment until at least 2017.

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Who would you want to see in the place of Hugh Jackman if he decides not to return?