Director Darren Aronofsky and star Hugh Jackman have both stated in the recent past that The Wolverine will be a one-off. A singular adventure for James Howlett (aka Logan, aka The Wolverine), a mutant with the power to heal any injury, whose bones are laced with the indestructible metal alloy known as adamantium.

Darren Aronofsky is quite adamant that he is not making a follow-up to 2009's X-Men Origins: Wolverine. In the press he is distancing himself from that film, and is trying to sever all ties with it.

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"It's not a sequel."

The director continued, explaining why he chose to jump directly into a huge superhero epic after the critical success of Black Swan.

"I just love working with Hugh Jackman. And I think there's something to be done in that world that hasn't been done yet. I'm also excited to do something that everyone wants to make, as opposed to being the only person that wants to make the film at the beginning."

Despite Darren Aronofsky's insistence that this is a one-off, and that it isn't tied directly to any previous on-screen incarnation of Wolverine (besides the fact that Hugh Jackman is still playing him), he has remained rather shy about divulging any story details. We know that it will take place in Japan, and that at some point Logan will pick up a samurai sword. But how will the tone and texture of the film differ from previous superhero outings? Will Darren Aronofsky be able to redefine the genre with his own personal directing style?

"I have no idea. We'll see what happens."

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