In this world of trilogies, unbreaking mythologies, and connective narratives that span through numerous sequels in any franchise, its unique, and very much in line with the comic book universe, to get a stand-alone story that is not tied into any other film. That's what James Mangold is giving us with The Wolverine. While it does tie into Logan's ongoing quest to discover more about his past, the main story will be contained within this one film, and there won't be a cliff hanger. It's the rare comic book movie that you can watch on it's own, and Mangold promises a complete world with his latest Twitter photo. There is no Hugh Jackman in this latest look at the set. Instead, we get a tiny peek through a massive blast hole on a sound stage designed by Francois Audouy (The Original Spider-Man trilogy, Avatar).

<strong><em>The Wolverine</em></strong> Blast Hole Set Photo
B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange