Whether you loved it or hated it, not many can argue against the fact that 2009's X-Men Origins: Wolverine was a bloated, heavy film that, like the X-Men films before it, simply shoved to many characters and plot lines into its two hour running time. Hugh Jackman promises that won't be the case with the next installment in the further adventures of Logan.

While out promoting Real Steel this weekend, Hugh Jackman took some time out to address the impending stand alone adventure The Wolverine, and promises that it will solely focus on his character of Logan, and that he will be a leaner, meaner fighting machine.

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This is what Hugh Jackman had to say about the next Marvel Mutant adventure to hit the big screen.

"The Wolverine will do the character justice and show his uncontrollable "rage". I think we've got the chance to nail the character this time, to do the hole-in-one. We haven't managed that yet. On the last movie, we complicated it with too many other characters. And there'll be more women this time, which is good. The last one was so masculine! The new film will go more into the character. I don't think we've ever seen his rage expressed properly. We're letting go with this one of the whole, 'Who am I? Where did I come from? Oh no, I've lost my memory,' thing. I feel like that's sent us all to sleep. 'Yeah, whatever pal. We're bored! Fine, you were a sushi chef, whatever it was, can we just get on with the story now?'"

Mark Bomback, whose upcoming slate includes the remakes Total Recall and Jack the Giant Killer, is currently penning an all-new draft of The Wolverine. James Mangold will direct the movie once Hugh Jackman is done fucking around on the set of that weird musical Les Miserables.