The Good

A film that tries to represent women well.

The Bad

Does this release really merit coming out on Blu-ray disc?The Women is a high society tale about a woman scorned and what she does to cope with her issues. Based on a movie from 1939, the film follows Mary Haines (Meg Ryan) who has her life upended with her husband is discovered to be unfaithful. Rather than go into the dumper she gets the help of some friends (Annette Bening, Jada Pinkett Smith and Debra Messing), and is suddenly going head to head with the woman who helped cause all this grief (Eva Mendes). Set in Manhattan, this film is filled with glitz, gloss and all that goes into making image conscious filmmaking. Filled with moments that are supposed to be funny, this movie certainly has an audience it just isn't a 35 year old single male like myself.

While I don't know that you need to own this film or that it even needs to be on Blu-ray disc, The Women ind of movie that certainly qualifies as a chick flick.


Delicious Additional Scenes

There isn't anything that incredible with these things. We know that some of the extra features are in 1080i HD while others are in 480i or 480p Standard Definition. Sadly, I don't know which of these features is which, I can only say that the extra scenes seemed to look as good as the movie. There wasn't anything about them that I felt was that special, I just noticed that they seemed to try and bulk up the characterizations.

The Women: The Legacy

The Women Behind the Women

With this featurette we get the standard issue talk from the cast and crew but it also tries to go deeper regarding the themes of the film. I didn't have the time to watch this entire featurette but I do think that it could be good for girls to watch. It's always nice when creators of a DVD do everything they can to make something positive, and this piece tries to accomplish that. It looked good but I don't know that it needed to look like some amazing viewing experience.


1080p - High Definition - 16x9 - 1.85:1. This movie was decent looking. Filmmaking of this sort can best be described as sterile. I never got the impression that director Diane English and Director of Photography Anastas Michos were trying to break new ground. They were simply trying to tell this story and have it look as good as possible. In this way it makes sense that they would want the story telling to flow and be unobtrusive. They have accomplished this but I don't know that it makes a difference in this format.


Dolby Digital - English 5.1 - Stereo. Subtitled in English. The audio was good but the look of the film was dyspeptic. It didn't ever break away from this movie and become something else. Then again, I don't think that that was ever within the grand design of this movie. There is a strength to how things are put together but I never felt like my speaker system was being challenged in any way. You wouldn't put in a movie like this in your player to show the merits of Blu-ray disc.


Ryan, Bening, Mendes, Smith and Messing are presented on this "he said, she said" looking cover. The back gives us 5 images from the movie, a critics quote, a description, a Special Features listing, a cast list and technical specs. Everything is in order here and for some reason I gather that this movie will not be re-released down the line.

Final Word

Okay, who doesn't want to look at gorgeous women for almost 2 hours?

The Women gives viewers a nice, spectral look at a host of ladies who have been female stars throughout the years. I must admit that I found myself not really caring about their problems, but this didn't stop me from being mildly amused at the proceedings as they happened. To say that there is anything rich about this movie would certainly be a misnomer. The Women isn't a bad film so much as it really isn't giving us anything we haven't already seen before.

That said, for 1939 I am sure that the subject matter was nothing short of scandalous.