Woody Allen Summer Project: According to Variety, Woody Allen is making an extremely rare foray outside New York, as the Gotham-centric helmer readies to shoot his latest movie in London.

Details of the project are shrouded in secrecy, but a production office is up and running at Ealing Studios, in West London, with shooting reportedly to start July 12.

Sources said the movie, known only as "Woody Allen Summer Project," is set in London's high society, with Kate Winslet possibly among the cast. Budget is said to be $15 million, although the source of the financing has not been revealed.

In his 33-year career as a writer-director, Allen has hardly ever shot a movie substantially outside New York, and even more rarely grappled with storylines that take place outside America.

His 1996 pic Everyone Says I Love You did include passages in Paris and Venice. His 1992 pic Shadows and Fog took place in an unspecified Middle European village, though it was shot Stateside. Before that, his last movie shot and set wholly in Europe was Love and Death in 1974.