Popular Comedy Central sitcom Workaholics was renewed for two more seasons in January, just as it was kicking of the second half of Workaholics Season 3. The team, lead by Adam DeVine, Blake Anderson, Anders Holm, and director/co-star Kyle Newacheck, doesn't plan on stopping there, though. The TeleAmeriCorp guys are in the midst of writing a big screen outing, and they've revealed that it is going to be an action comedy, though it won't be Workaholics: The Movie.

Anders Holm had this to say about their foray into theatrical fare.

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"It's not a Workaholics movie, but it's going to be just as fun."

Adam DeVine, who found success on the big screen this past fall with a memorable role opposite Rebel Wilson in Pitch Perfect, continued to explain.

"We have the most fun on Workaholics when we're out and about and a story is really moving - when we're going place to place and there's a ticking clock. That's the vein of the movie."

Kyle Newacheck, who plays drug dealer Karl on the series also directs every episode, and he will be at the helm of this big screen outing as well. He explained where the film is currently at in production.

"It's undergoing rewrites right now. It's definitely moving, and we're all very excited to do it. It's an action comedy, and it's going to be really badass and super funny. We're keeping a lot of it under wraps. I think I can say if you like Workaholics, you're going to like this movie.

You really have to embrace the chaos. It's navigating the chaos and pointing it in different directions. I try to listen to everybody's ideas and if somebody thinks something is funny, then I'm into it. And if I think it's funny they're into it."

All four cast members are expected to have leading roles in the film. No other Workaholics cast members have been hinted at, but the show runs a pretty tight crew, so you can probably expect to see everyone in some capacity. There is no set release date for this untitled action comedy, but Workaholics is set to air new episodes throughout 2016, and maybe even beyond.