Arriving in theaters October 19 is The World's End, writer-director Edgar Wright and writer-star Simon Pegg's conclusion to their Three Flavors Cornetto, a.k.a. The Blood and Ice Cream Trilogy. Universal Pictures has released two new photos that get us into the drinking spirit of this comedy. Simon Pegg stars as Gary King, who brings his old pals back together on the 20th anniversary of their epic attempt at a pub crawl that spans 12 bars, with The World's End as the last stop. Take a look at these photos featuring Simon Pegg, Martin Freeman, Paddy Considine, Nick Frost, and Eddie Marsan, then read on to see what Simon Pegg had to say about this comedy romp.

The World's End Photo 1
The World's End Photo 2
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The World's End closes out the trilogy that includes Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz. However, Simon Pegg revealed that this final installment is much larger in scope, and that each pub name foreshadows what happens inside.

"It's a much bigger proposition than the other two films. When you've seen the film, you'll be able to relate each pub name to what happens inside."

The pub names were unveiled with the very first poster, which you can check out here.

The World's End Poster

As laid out, the pub names do read like a list of DVD chapter stops. Let's hope we get to see a two-headed dog and a mermaid in this comedy thriller! Also of note, Simon Pegg says that there are 12 pubs. There are only 11 on the poster. Could the The World's End actually not be the final pub on this crawl? Its a mystery, indeed.