The X-Files 2: A scooper over at Dark Horizons sent in a massive scoop on the current status of The X-Files sequel yesterday. Much to the dismay of fans, the future doesn't look as promising as it did...

I placed a phone call to 1013 Productions the other day and receieved a pre-recorded message that said "You have reached an unassigned number for 20th Century Fox in Los Angeles. Please re-check the number you are dialing." RELATED: Gillian Anderson Is Trending on Twitter for Being Awesome After The Crown Announcement

It would appear that 1013 no longer has an office on the 20th Century Fox lot, which may also mean that Fox no longer has a desire to work with Chris Carter. Chris Carter was under contract to produce another TV Pilot for the network, however no word on the development of such a project has surfaced, or even been rumoured. One would think that if Fox was still interested in another series from Chris Carter, 1013 would still have an office at 20th Century Fox.

Also, it might be interesting to take note that, recently Sandy Grushow, a long time friend of Chris Carter and a major player in The X-Files being picked up by the network, has resigned from 20th Century Fox to pursue other interests. Rumour has it that not many people at Fox have been X-Files friendly since the show's ratings plummetted in seasons 8 and 9, and Sandy was one of the few who probably would have some influence into getting a movie in the works.

Also, if indeed, Chris Carter and Fox had a falling out, which resulted in 1013 leaving the Fox lot, and Fox allowing Chris Carter's contract run out without producing another pilot, Fox may consider doing another X-Files movie without Chris Carter as he apparently has not made good on many of his contractual obligations since the X-Files ended (he was set to direct a motion picture for Dimension Films, produce another pilot for Fox, and had a multi-million dollar book deal, none of which he has completed)".

We'll keep you posted on any futher updates...

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