Get all brushed up on Fox and Mulder before the big sequel hits the thetaers. The X-Files: Revelations is coming to DVD on July 8. This two-disc set will feature 8 episodes from the The X-Files TV series, hand-picked by creator Chris Carter. Each episode will include an on-camera introduction from Carter and producer Frank Spotnitz and will explain why these episodes were selected and how they specifically deal with the upcoming The X-Files 2. The two-disc set will be priced at $22.98 and will also include a Hollywood Movie Money ticket, good for up to $8.50 towards a ticket to The X-Files 2. The series stars David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson.

The X-Files: Revelations

Relive FBI Agent Fox Mulder's (Duchovny) desperate search for the truth after witnessing the alien abduction of his sister when he was a young boy. Follow Agent Dana Scully (Anderson) as she and Mulder encounter growing proof of the existence of extra-terrestrials, an undeniable government conspiracy and the unexplained paranormal phenomena.

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- Pilot (from Season 1)

- Beyond the Sea (from Season 1)

- The Host (from Season 2)

- Clyde Bruckmans Final Repose (from Season 3)

- Memento Mori (from Season 4)

- Post-Modern Prometheus (from Season 5)

- Bad Blood (from Season 5)

- Milagro (from Season 6)

Special Features

- 2008 theatrical trailer

- WonderCon talent panel session