The X-Files: The Complete 8th Season: Hitting store shelves on November 4th, the 8th season of The X-Files is coming to DVD.

All twenty-one eighth season episodes will be included on six discs. Look for anamorphic widescreen video (1.78:1), Dolby Surround audio, an audio commentary track on the episode Alone by director Frank Spotnitz, international clips from Within, Via Negativa, The Gift, Three Words, Essence and Existence, deleted scenes from Sure Kill, Badlaa, Per Manum, Empedocles and Existence, The Truth About Season Eight featurette, The X-Files Profiles featurettes (about the characters Gibson Praise, John Doggett and Alex Krycek), twenty-one TV spots, special effects outtakes from seven episodes by Matt Beck (commentary by Paul Rawin) and a new DVD-ROM game called Existence.

Thanks to The Digital Bits.