We've got a delicious new trailer for The Young Cannibals that might just make you lose your lunch. If chowing down on human flesh is kind of your thing, then you'll definitely be interested in this deep woods buffet.

Devilworks has dropped the poster and trailer for this UK supernatural horror that will have you reaching for a box of napkins. The Young Cannibals comes from writer/director duo Kris Carr and Sam Fowler.

Starring Megan Purvis and Hannah Louise Howell, this fast-paced horror follows a group of friends as they arrive at a secluded campsite, where they plan on spending a relaxing weekend by the lake. What they didn't plan on, was being tricked into eating burgers made of human flesh. This act summons an unrelenting supernatural creature, which hunts them down one by one. The film was produced by Charlie Pride for Bad Taste Pictures. Devilworks is representing Worldwide rights and will start to sell at the upcoming Cannes.

Kris Carr and Sam Fowler are sharing directorial duties on this one. They co-wrote the screenplay, which will mark their feature length directorial debut either solo or as a team. Sam Fowler previously made the 2016 horror short Survival Badge, and together they will reunite on another new horror short called I'm Sorry later this year.

The Young Cannibals is the first feature film to be made by the production company Bad Taste Pictures. Bad Taste Pictures is made up of Writing/Directing duo Kris Carr and Sam Fowler as well as Producer Charlie Pride.

The movie was originally titled Eaten Alive!, which is actually the title of an old Tobe Hooper horror favorite from 1976, which also went under several other names including Death Trap, Slaughter Hotel, Brutes and Savages and The Devil's Swamp. This one doesn't really have anything to do with the other, so a title change was made later in production.

The Young Cannibals is described as a pure classic 'monster in the woods' flick, It was shot in and around a beautiful manor house in the Snowdonia mountain range between 06/11 and 30/11 of last year. So you know this meat is still pretty fresh. The horror thriller is being made as a result of 16 fresh graduates from BU pulling together to make their first feature. They had a solid script and an extremely passionate crew with a deep desire to make this film. And all of that is put on display in this first trailer, which arrives direct Bad Taste Productions and October Coast.

The Young Cannibals Posters