According to The Hollywood Reporter, the 16 theatrical features released to DVD in the first six weeks of 2006 came an average of 124.4 days after their theatrical openings, according to industry tip sheet the DVD Release Report. If this trend continues, movies will be arriving on DVD more quickly than ever.

Last year, the average theatrical-to-video window for films with at least $25 million in boxoffice earnings was 141.8 days, down from 145.8 days in 2004, 153 days in 2003 and 171.4 days in 2002. Ralph Tribbey, editor of the DVD Release Report, attributes the drastic shortening to the post-Christmas rush and the Oscars and said, "We may just be seeing a little blip". But he concedes that windows continue to get shorter, and he might revise his initial projection that the average would bottom out at 130 days.