To Jam or Not to Jam! That is the question...LeBron James is apparently not attached to star in the long awaited sequel Space Jam 2, news that was originally announced last night by Deadline, and quickly garnered a lot of attention.

While fans of both the NBA All-Star and the Looney Tunes were excited to hear this was happening, ESPN's Brian Windhorst has decided to let the air out of everyone's basketball with the following tweet, which claims the movie is not moving forward at Warner Bros., and that LeBron James is not attached.

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Its unclear at this time what is really happening with the project. It was way back in August of 2012 that the NBA All-Star sent out this tweet to fans, which started the ball rolling on a sequel.

According to last night's story, LeBron James is supposed to appear in the movie alongside other NBA All-Stars and the full line-up of Looney Tunes, including Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck and Sylvester the Cat. Willie Ebersol, the son of NBC sports broadcasting legend Dick Ebersol, has apparently already written the screenplay, with his brother Charlie Ebersol set to produce. No story details were revealed as part of the regular story, and no director had been attached as of yet. There has been no official word from either Warner Bros. or LeBron James. Its possible that Brian Windhorst doesn't know what he is talking about as well.

It's also possible that this story was floated in the press to guage fan interest, to see whether the project was worth moving forward on. Judging from the overwhelming response that the story received over the past 12 hours, it's a good bet that we haven't heard the last about Space Jam 2.