The Sidney Lumet thriller Before the Devil Knows You're Dead has just been picked up by ThinkFilm. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Ethan Hawke, Albert Finney and Marisa Tomei star in the film.

The movie revolves around a drug addict who plans to rob a jewelry store with his brother. Thing is, the store just happens to be owned by their parents. Of course the plan is going to go horribly wrong. Hoffman is playing the smack addict, while Hawke plays the man's impressionable brother. Tomei is playing Hoffman's unsuspecting wife.

Lumet stated, "I inconveniently believe in letting an audience find a movie. When you say that to most studios, they say 'Good luck, Charlie. See you around,' but (ThinkFilm) understands the importance of starting small and building it smartly."

The film opens Oct. 17 in Los Angeles, New York and possibly Toronto before expanding to the top 40 urban markets over the next three weeks.