According to Home Media Retailing, ThinkFilm is promoting it’s controversial comedy, The Aristocrats, via Apple’s immensely popular iTunes.

The film which features comediennes like Jason Alexander, Robin Williams, Sarah Silverman and Chris Rock telling the same dirty joke, had portions of the supplemental material from the DVD available on iTunes (the day before it came out in stores) for free viewing.

ThinkFilm’s utilization of iTunes marks the first time the portal has been used to promote a DVD release.

“We felt there was great synergy with the demographic for the iPod, and potential fans of the movie,” said ThinkFilm director of home marketing, Sarah Margolius. “So we approached Apple, and they were quite receptive.” She further went on to say, “What we wanted to offer were clips from the extra footage that stand alone, that give you an idea of what the film is about, that give you a definite chuckle, but that don’t give away too much.”

All of the advertising online will be geared toward the content offered on the iTunes site. The eventual goal of this kind of promotion being “to take consumers to the next step and buy the DVD,” said Tom Cunha, VP of interactive marketing for Mammoth Advertising which helped ThinkFilm put together the deal.