Almost exactly four years after making his directorial debut with District 9, filmmaker Neill Blomkamp returns to give us a unique vision of the future in Elysium. The third trailer has been released, showing more of this dilapidated Earth that a vast majority of the population have to live on, in the year 2154. The rest of us live in the lap of luxury on Elysium, an elite space colony that is considered the most secure facility in the world. Matt Damon stars as Max De Costa, who, after falling ill and having just a few days left to live, risks it all to try and break into Elysium and save his life. Standing in his way is Kruger, an agent of Elysium living on Earth who will do anything to protect the sanctity of his true home. Take a look at the latest footage from this sci-fi thriller, debuting in theaters nationwide August 9.