Yesterday, we reported that 20th Century Fox lost its appeal to the MPAA for its action-comedy This Means War to land a PG-13 rating. That apparently didn't sit well with Fox, since they agreed to cut out several sex jokes to receive the coveted PG-13 rating.

Chelsea Handler's character makes these lewd jokes in the movie, but it isn't known how racy they actually were. The MPAA's statement yesterday noted the rating was justified due to, "some sexual content," but that apparently isn't the case anymore. Let's just hope they didn't have to cut any scenes of Reese Witherspoon dancing around her kitchen.

This Means War stars Chris Pine and Tom Hardy as two seasoned spies who fall for the same woman (Reese Witherspoon). They use their covert skills to try and one-up each other and make her choose one way or the other.