The red band trailer for This One's for the Ladies is here to spice up your day. A handful of years back, Warner Bros. scored a big hit with Magic Mike that, aside from bringing Steven Soderbergh back to the world of directing features, proved, perhaps not surprisingly, that a movie about male strippers could make a lot of money. This movie, on the other hand, is showing that actual places with actual male strippers can make a lot of money in the real world, while also providing some serious entertainment for interested parties.

Be warned: the red band trailer is 100 percent NSFW. So you have to watch it here. Do not watch this anywhere that erotic imagery could get one in trouble. And it's probably best to plug a set of headphones in. For the record, we do have a green band, safer for work version of the trailer below, but what's the point in that? In any event, the trailer showcases a group of strippers, C-Pudding, Poundcake, Tyga & Raw Dawg, Sweet Tea, Young Rider, Blaze, Michele Moore, Double Trouble, Satan and Fever, doing what they do best. They put on a show for women who want to get wild and said wild women adorn them with cash.

But unlike the fictionalized Magic Mike, this documentary intends to show the real-life perspective on this sort of thing from both sides. The women who enjoy this sort of show explain what it is they love about it and how it helps them, while the entertainers explain why they love it and how it provides them with a good life. There are also some serious displays of friendship and bonding here. There is a very human element on display that may catch quite a few off guard. It's amazing how much of that is packed into a documentary about something that, on the surface, can seem so very simple.

This One's For the Ladies takes a look at a world in which, every Thursday night, hundreds of women gather for a potluck. Aside from the food, they have the chance to throw their hard-earned money at the hottest dancers in New Jersey, known as The Nasty Boyz. The documentary debuted at this year's SXSW festival in Austin, Texas and the response from those who viewed it was largely positive.

Neon stepped in to pick up the movie for distribution shortly after its debut, and they'll be releasing it later this year via Super LTD. In addition to the trailer, the studio has also released a poster which is much more safe for viewing, but still manages to get the point across. This One's For the Ladies is set to hit theaters in spring 2019, but no specific release date has been nailed down just yet. Be sure to check out the trailer from the Super LTD YouTube channel below. We have both the red and green band versions below, for those who may need the toned down version.

Thsi One's for the Ladies
Ryan Scott at Movieweb
Ryan Scott