The new canon is keeping the Internet busy! Here's what we've learned about Star Wars since the release of The Last Jedi on blu-ray and as we get closer to Solo: A Star Wars Story. A look at some upcoming toys revealed that Solo took a deep dive into the old EU material now called Star Wars Legends for some of the movie's vehicles. We also learned that Ron Howard will get sole directing credit on the next standalone movie.

Mark Hamill divulged a bit more about the original plans for the sequel trilogy as conceived by George Lucas. "I happen to know that George didn't kill Luke until the end of Episode 9, after he trained Leia," he told IGN. The Star Wars creator's original plans did, however, include Luke Skywalker's self-exile on a remote world.

Speaking of Lucas, the Internet took a look at concept art for what would have been a sidekick for Jar Jar Binks in Episode I, courtesy of Comic Book Resources. We got a look at an alternate opening for The Last Jedi, which gave us a bit more of Finn recovering from his Force Awakens injuries. And Andy Serkis told USA Today about the shock he felt when he saw the death of Supreme Leader Snoke in the script and about the burden of keeping the secret.

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The legendary Frank Oz noted that while the puppet Yoda returned in The Last Jedi, if there's ever a Yoda standalone movie, expect the Jedi Master to be CGI. He told IGN that the three-person puppeteer process and rehearsals would be too difficult otherwise.

In recent interviews with Good Morning America and Radio Times, Hamill said it's fair to say he'll return to Star Wars, perhaps as a Force Ghost in Episode IX. We've already heard his voice, of course, thanks to new episodes of Forces of Destiny.

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