The Screen Actors Guild and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers each issued blistering statements about the other's negotiating tactics Thursday that suggested that the "de facto strike" that currently has stalled motion picture production in Hollywood will not be brought to an end soon.

Some key sticking points insisted by actors:

1) Riunite does not qualify for a Champagne Brunch

2) Bio-Diesel Masarati's must run on extra-virgin olive oil and not cheap French Fry grease

3) Film extras should wear a collar that shocks them when they get within 10 feet of star

4) Illegal Immigrants can be paid $4 an hour to stand in the picket-line in place of a star with busy social calendar

5) Carrot-top must never get a star on the Walk of Fame

M. Night Shyamalan, the writer-director famous for ending his films with surprising twists has returned to the screen with The Happening. But those expecting to see his signature ending will likely be disappointed. This film does not end with the main character discovering he's dead; it end with a zombie discovering he's really alive. Personally, I would have taken this film in another direction. I'd call it What's Happening? It would be a drama about the sad life of Fred "Rerun" Berry who wore his trademark Red Beret and jumpsuit until he died 30 years later. Imagine if the bitter and unknown actor inside Barney wore it each day till he died. (became extinct) or George Clooney wore Emergency Room scrubs 24/7. It hints at the tragedy of Rerun. Crazy people obsess and think they are God. Yet even crazy people don't believe they are sit-com stars. Such is the poisonous taste of Fame.

Conservative activists are demanding a House vote on the Broadcaster Freedom Act, which would prevent any future president from reviving the Fairness Doctrine, an FCC rule that required broadcasters to balance opinions expressed on their airwaves. Is that funny that Fox News claims to be Fair and Balanced, yet would be against a "Fairness Doctrine" that would make them give "balanced" opinions? Shouldn't they be in favor of this? Is that their mantra? Would Disney oppose legislation that said that everyday should be a magical day? No they would embrace it. I guess Conservatives can't stand listening to opinions other than their own. Fox News is not Fair and Balanced, they are "Fear Imbalanced."

I dug the new Indiana Jones film but felt moral unease at some action scenes. Indy goes into what he calls, "a sacred burial ground" to steal a relic and ends up being attacked by a half a dozen guards whom he kills. Yes, they were South American primitives, but don't they have rights? At least a right to breathe? The Amazon Rainforest gets more protection than its own human inhabitants. These men were protecting sacred, holy lands, and precious cultural items. Here comes the white-man to plunder their history and he repays them with death for caring about their own religions and society. Couldn't he have beaten them up instead? Or paralyzed them with their own blow-darts? Watch films from the 40s and you'll see your hero kill lots of primitive people as if they were unworthy of life. Their lack of humanity disturbed me and to see it in this flick was jarring. Before we have to kill a bunch of people indiscriminately can't we at least first find out where they stand on the issues? Just to see if they are worthy of death? If they are pro-NRA, you can kill them because they believe in your right to squeeze the trigger. If they are against gun control you can kill them for being freedom-haters.