Wizard Universe has an article about Thomas Jane who spoke at the recent Wizard World Chicago. The "Punisher" star gave some insight on two of his upcoming projects, Punisher 2 and Mutant Chronicles:

On Mutant Chronicles:

What can you tell everyone about the story?

Thomas Jane: It's a great story-kind of like the serialized films of the '30s. It has that feel. And the feel of the old sci-fi comic books, like Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers. The world is like a new Victorian Age. It's 400 years in the future and we've completely tapped out all of the planet's resources, so we're basically back to steam power. We're working our way backwards after we turned out all the oil and everything went to s---. Four corporations have taken over the world: Bauhaus, the Mishima Corporation, the Capitol corporation and the Imperial Corporation. So there are no more countries, just these four companies, and they're constantly at war. Everyone is a soldier in this world, so there are steam-powered weapons and steam-powered aircraft.

On Punisher 2:

Lastly, I've got to check in and see how things are going on "Punisher 2."

Thomas Jane: The writer is halfway through a draft right now. We should be rolling camera with any luck by February. Jigsaw is going to be in it.

Is Jonathan Hensleigh coming back to direct?

Thomas Jane: No. We're still looking for a new director. If you know anybody, let me know.

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