The Punisher: In a recent interview with Romantic Movies, Thomas Jane, who plays 'The Punisher' in the upcoming comic adapttation, Jane revealed some of what to expect from the film:

What are you expecting from "The Punisher?" RELATED: Jon Bernthal Won't Rule Out Playing Wolverine But Would Rather Resurrect The Punisher

I'm expecting it to really kick my butt (laughing).

What's the most daunting thing for you to do? Is it the physical stunts or the fact that you're taking on a comic book hero that people love?

Like I did with Mickey Mantle, it's taking on a figure that's just beloved by a lot of folks, and trying to give it everything that I've got so that they get the best of me. I give it every shot at just doing the absolute best that I can with it.

Were you a fan of the comic book prior to taking on the role?

No I wasn't a fan prior to because I didn't like superhero comics, but this guy is such an anti-hero that I've fallen in love with him. He's so dark and it's Marvel's darkest property, so I've fallen in love with the whole thing.

And he's not a typical superhero because he doesn't have special powers.

Right. He doesn't have super powers. He can't leap over tall buildings, he can't crawl up a wall, he's just really, really angry.

And John Travolta is going to be one of the main villains?

I can't wait. He's one of my heroes.

Have you done any preparation with him yet?

No, no I haven't. He's in Baltimore, which is where I was born, working on "Ladder 49," a fireman movie. We haven't hooked up yet but I look forward to it.

This is really a change for you. You've done romantic comedies, baseball movies, and now a super hero movie.

Yeah, I know. But it's in keeping with