The Punisher: In a recent interview with Romantic Movies, Thomas Jane, who plays 'The Punisher' in the upcoming comic adapttation, Jane revealed some of what to expect from the film:

What are you expecting from "The Punisher?"

I'm expecting it to really kick my butt (laughing).

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What's the most daunting thing for you to do? Is it the physical stunts or the fact that you're taking on a comic book hero that people love?

Like I did with Mickey Mantle, it's taking on a figure that's just beloved by a lot of folks, and trying to give it everything that I've got so that they get the best of me. I give it every shot at just doing the absolute best that I can with it.

Were you a fan of the comic book prior to taking on the role?

No I wasn't a fan prior to because I didn't like superhero comics, but this guy is such an anti-hero that I've fallen in love with him. He's so dark and it's Marvel's darkest property, so I've fallen in love with the whole thing.

And he's not a typical superhero because he doesn't have special powers.

Right. He doesn't have super powers. He can't leap over tall buildings, he can't crawl up a wall, he's just really, really angry.

And John Travolta is going to be one of the main villains?

I can't wait. He's one of my heroes.

Have you done any preparation with him yet?

No, no I haven't. He's in Baltimore, which is where I was born, working on "Ladder 49," a fireman movie. We haven't hooked up yet but I look forward to it.

This is really a change for you. You've done romantic comedies, baseball movies, and now a super hero movie.

Yeah, I know. But it's in keeping with

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