caught up with actor and screenwriter Thomas Lennon, who both plays Lieutenant Jim Dangle in the Reno 911! series as well as co-writer of the Night at the Museum screenplay. Here are the highlights of what the actor revealed:

Just got off the CB with Thomas Lennon, one of the chaps behind the Reno 911! phenomenon, who filled me in a little on what he's got coming up in the future. It's looking pretty sunny on his side of the fence.


As we speak, he's in talks with FOX to bring the dead president's and extinct animals of the 'Museum' back to life. "I don't think anyone ever thought [Night at the Museum] was going to make 560 million! It's in sort-of 'mega hit' territory now, which is nice", he says. "Right now, we're actually in very early preliminary talks [about the sequel]."

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Lennon's also got another film in the works, How to Stage a Robot Uprising which Mike Myers is attached to star in. "It's slowly heading towards going", says Lennon. "It's a slow business the movie business ¬ years go by and all you seem to be doing is tweaking one paragraph. Nations crumble [by the time its done]."


Lennon says he's not going to forget his roots though ¬ and is already planning a Reno 911! movie sequel. One idea is to set it in Australia. Reno 911 : Down under, he says. "We found we really like it when we're battling animals and I believe there's a certain kind of wildlife that Australia has... Kangaroos that will kick you in the face real bad, and so on. We wanna do a scene that involves a Koala bear humping someone's face! So if we can figure out a way to make a whole film around that, there's a good chance that could happen". If it does happen, Lennon says he's keen to get Paul Reubens and Paul Rudd, who appear in Reno 911!: Miami to do return appearances, and wants his Night at the Museum cohort Ben Stiller to take part. He's also keen to have another action star, Steven Seagal make a cameo. "Hopefully someone will get humped in the face by a Koala bear... and Steven Seagal will blow up...Or, Seagal's doing a lecture on safety with Koala bears and then gets face-raped!"

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