caught up with actor and screenwriter Thomas Lennon, who both plays Lieutenant Jim Dangle in the Reno 911! series as well as co-writer of the Night at the Museum screenplay. Here are the highlights of what the actor revealed:

Just got off the CB with Thomas Lennon, one of the chaps behind the Reno 911! phenomenon, who filled me in a little on what he's got coming up in the future. It's looking pretty sunny on his side of the fence. RELATED: Reno 911! Is Getting a Movie Sequel


As we speak, he's in talks with FOX to bring the dead president's and extinct animals of the 'Museum' back to life. "I don't think anyone ever thought [Night at the Museum] was going to make 560 million! It's in sort-of 'mega hit' territory now, which is nice", he says. "Right now, we're actually in very early preliminary talks [about the sequel]."


Lennon's also got another film in the works, How to Stage a Robot Uprising which Mike Myers is attached to star in. "It's slowly heading towards going", says Lennon. "It's a slow business the movie business ¬ years go by and all you seem to be doing is tweaking one paragraph. Nations crumble [by the time its done]."


Lennon says he's not going to forget his roots though ¬ and is already planning a Reno 911! movie sequel. One idea is to set it in Australia. Reno 911 : Down under, he says. "We found we really like it when we're battling animals and I believe there's a certain kind of wildlife that Australia has... Kangaroos that will kick you in the face real bad, and so on. We wanna do a scene that involves a Koala bear humping someone's face! So if we can figure out a way to make a whole film around that, there's a good chance that could happen". If it does happen, Lennon says he's keen to get Paul Reubens and Paul Rudd, who appear in Reno 911!: Miami to do return appearances, and wants his Night at the Museum cohort Ben Stiller to take part. He's also keen to have another action star, Steven Seagal make a cameo. "Hopefully someone will get humped in the face by a Koala bear... and Steven Seagal will blow up...Or, Seagal's doing a lecture on safety with Koala bears and then gets face-raped!"

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