Last week, we reported that Marvel's upcoming sequel Thor: Ragnarok doesn't have a completed script yet at this point, with Christopher Yost and Craig Kyle currently writing the script, after Christopher Yost co-wrote the script for Thor: The Dark World and Craig Kyle served as co-producer on that sequel. We still have two and a half years left until this Marvel Phase Three sequel hits theaters, so it will likely be quite some time before we have any concrete story details, but during the BAFTA Awards, actor Tom Hiddleston offered a few brief details about the sequel during a red carpet interview.

"Thor 3 is happening at some point, and the last time we saw Loki, he was on the throne. There are some questions to be answered!"
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When asked if he would play the villainous Loki for several more years, the actor had this to say.

"I don't know if I could [Laughs]. If I keep dying my hair black, it's going to fall out! But no, I love the character. It's a great, great character and it's amazing how the Marvel world has been embraced who people who love films. It's fun!"

Thor: Ragnarok currently doesn't have a director attached at this time, and it isn't known if Thor: The Dark World filmmaker Alan Taylor is planning on coming back to take the helm. Are you excited to see what will happen in Thor: Ragnarok? Chime in with your thoughts below.