Jeff Goldblum would "love" to return as The Grandmaster in Thor: Love and Thunder. This news popped up a few weeks ago, but it wasn't actually Goldblum who said it. Instead, it was from a fake Twitter account pretending to be the actor. However, this time, there's video evidence of Goldblum professing his love of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the team that works behind-the-scenes to put the movies together. But will he actually be returning for the highly anticipated Thor sequel?

The D23 Expo is currently going on and Jeff Goldblum was in attendance to promote his upcoming Disney+ series, The World According to Jeff Goldblum. Goldblum introduced the show, spoke about it, and then unveiled the first trailer for the show to an enthusiastic audience. Afterwards, he was asked some questions about Thor: Love and Thunder, but he wasn't able to say much. Jeff Goldblum had this to say.

"I can't give away any secrets. I know there's been rumors and rumblings... I love that character, I love working with Taika Waititi especially, he's a brilliant director."

Jeff Goldblum's Grandmaster character will more than likely end up in Thor: Love and Thunder. Taika Waititi is still working on the script, so there's still plenty of time to get a call from Marvel Studios to get in on the fun. As for working with Marvel, Goldblum has nothing but good things to say about the studio. He explains.

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"The people at Marvel, they know how to make a movie. It's been a very pleasant experience. They are very kind. I love that cast. I want to do something with Taika for sure..."

Taika Waititi has a few more projects on his plate before he can completely focus his attention on the Thor sequel, but production is set to begin next summer. The director recently debunked rumors stating that the script was already complete, joking that he only has the title page done at this point in time. Regardless, fans are excited to see Waititi reunite with Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson and are hoping there will be some more surprise members of the cast announced soon.

As for Jeff Goldblum, the actor is about to get into a whole new level of popularity with The World According to Jeff Goldblum Disney+ series. The show takes the Jurassic Park actor out on a bunch of different excursions to learn about various processes, some of which he knows about, and some of which he knows very little about. Goldblum did zero research on the things he didn't know about to present a fresh and unique take on a situation that only he can deliver and it looks like fans are already excited to see what he's able to come up with. You can check out Goldblum talking about Thor: Love and Thunder below, thanks to the SyFyWire Twitter account.

Kevin Burwick